9/11 Short Stories

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“It is just over that rise,” Bernice said to the other children. “What is over that rise Bernice,” said the children. “Chipotle burritos!” hollered Bernice. “Really?” said the ever so eager children. “Yes follow me,” said Bernice. Bernice and the children then walked through the dewy grass with their bulky knee high boots. They spotted a brown cardboard box with a chipotle logo printed on the sides. "Enjoy!" Bernice exclaimed. "Yaaaay!" said the jumpy children. Burnice and the children then all devoured their vegetarian burritos. After eating such a scrumptious meal the children and Bernice walked further and spotted something far away. They merged closer and closer to "Thump thump" sound. Bernice and the children…show more content…
“I guess that’s a good idea” Bernice replied. After hearing Anna’s opinion the children still refuse to leave and head on in. Anna comes along with the children and Bernice for protection for she is the youngest. As the children and Bernice walk into the building they examine the twinkling colorful lights hanged on the ceiling, the cushioned red sofas and high chairs, and the glass squared dance floor with women’s heels clicking up and down. The children also note the variety of food and drinks and girls in minimal clothing with older men. “I’m pretty sure this illegal guys,” said Ashley. “No it’s not, it’s just a bunch of food drinks sofas and girls in there swimming suits with their grandpas!” said…show more content…
“This is definitely not safe,” Anna murmured to herself. The music made the floor shake and drinks vibrate with energy. Anna tried to find an exit so she wouldn’t get in any trouble. She then said to herself, “I wonder where Ms. Bernice and the other kids are?” Anna then strolled into a narrow area of the building with several doors, two were unlocked and the rest were locked. She opened one door slightly only to see a young girl and an older man kissing. “That’s definitely not sanitary.” Anna thought to herself. She passed the locked doors and tries to open each one but they wouldn’t budge. She attempted to open the last door and it worked. She open the door just enough for her bony body to fit through she turned to shut the door. Anna turned right around only to see the most ghastly sight she’s ever claimed. All the children were slaughtered on the floor stabbed one by one cut with their dead eyes still open. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” screeched Anna. Suddenly Anna heard a familiar voice “Your turn!” Anna turned around to see Ms.Bernice. “Come Anna wouldn’t you like to join your

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