9/11: A Short Story

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while Ariel was at work it was about noon when the unexpected happened all of her co-workers bust out in a party for her engagement to Chris Chris was sitting at his desk about the same time and all of his co-workers bust out in a party for his engagement to Ariel both of their co-workers decided to take them out to lunch when Ariel's co-workers and Chris's co-workers got to the restaurant Chris and Ariel's family and friends were there neither Ariel or Chris knew about what was going on but he saw Ariel they were in the middle of the restaurant and everyone was around them and at the same time everyone cheered "happy engagement party" Ariel and Chris looked at each other and Chris kissed her and everyone cheered after the kiss Ariel…show more content…
"he" wanted to go in there and beat the shit out of that guy this feeling told me not to because I loved her to much and in order to get her back he had to be a lot more secretive because I love her too much I can only be seen by her and only her because of her fiancé saw me it would be all over and she's gone forever, and I'll never get her back I clean myself up and left... Ariel's P.O.V. Chris came over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist "who's was that" I acted like I didn't know who "he" was "I don't know" "why was he covered in blood" " I don't know, I was standing out there and he came running up from nowhere covered in blood" why was Chris lying to me? oh well then I will act like I don't know then Chris and I went back to the party... It was about 3 o'clock when everyone was sitting and eating lunch, everyone was talking amongst themselves when they entered, I looked up right as they walked in, I stood up and walked toward them one of them was an older woman she had dark hair looks like she was about 55 and the other was an older man with dark hair he was also about 55 when I got to them I wrapped my arms around them when Chris saw what I was doing he came up to…show more content…
"okay after we left after high school we made our way up to Tennessee and we were there for a while I tried going into the music business I was making it for awhile then one night "he" asked me to meet him at this hotel and when I got there he was all over another girl and when he saw me I ran and after that I moved to Oregon and got a fresh start and went to college and got my Bachelor's in fashion design then "he" found me and again I ran and I moved to New York and was making it up there for a while then again "he" found me and once again I ran and I moved to Seattle for a bit almost made it big then again "he" found me so I moved to Los Angles and i got a job at a big fashion designing company then my friend Lucy introduced me to Chris about five weeks ago and 2 weeks ago he took me to the beach and there was an isle of roses and a simple glass table with a vase with sand in it and on top of the sand was a Caribbean blue candle and he got down on one knee and asked for my hand and if he lost me he would never forgive himself so at sunset I said yes and to this day we have the entire wedding planned and ready to go all we have to do is wait and enjoy each others company for

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