Behavioral Control In Disney World

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Disney world it’s one of the biggest attractions on the planet yet with thousands of tourists from all around the globe visiting every day, they are well-acquainted with crowd control, from routing people from parking spots to the main sites, to ushering guests out of the park, and the extensive monitoring of the visitors, Disney’s mass management its highly efficient, the park has turned the art of its social control into a science and are one of the main leaders in technological innovation. Naturally Disney’s methods often go unnoticed, as it tries to produce an environment where everything happens as their main motto states; magically, in doing so the park is able to maintain a civilized and compliant multitude, therefore we can agree that the most effective method of behavioral control is those that are adjusted for the individual to be unaware of its existence, and it’s the secret to the parks’ competitive atmosphere, people believe and perceived control over their actions oblivious to the extraordinarily controlled environment of the park. From the Panopticon to Disney World it’s an essay that associates the ethical discipline…show more content…
At these picture spots you get to meet with Disney’s characters that mainly just hug and take pictures with the guests although, many of them do not speak to the public they just there to pose while you capture those beautiful moments in pictures to share with your family and friends back

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