Summary Of Abigail Adams Letter To Her Son

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Abigail Adams, in her letter to her son and future president John Quincy Adams, explains that each experience in life shouldn’t be discounted because it can help people grow and experience the world. Adams supports the idea she is trying to relay to her son about the potential importance of the trip with his father and U.S Diplomat at the time, by establishing authority, appealing to emotion, using historical examples and comparisons. Throughout the letter she expresses how as a mother, she understands that the trip will be difficult but if her son applies himself he will have limitless opportunities in the future. Her purpose is to inform John that keeping an open- mind and experiencing the world can help him foster his abilities to become a great leader in the future. Abigail Adams throughout her letter constantly asserts her role in her son’s life by defining…show more content…
As the letter opens, Adams recognizes John’s hesitance towards leaving for the trip and realizes she shouldn’t have pushed him to embark on this journey. However, since John readily left on account of his mother’s advice she tends to put a positive spin on what the journey will entail and praises her son’s abilities because it will make him more open to reading the rest of the letter instead of resenting her for making him go. Adams appeals to a sense of authority by mentioning she spoke to an author who “compares a judicious traveler to a river,” and as the river flows they “improve their qualities as they pass along.” This certain comparison pertains to her son because it further develops her reasoning as to why the trip is significant. For example, as a river flows it becomes a part of the world around it by picking up silk, rocks, or anything along the way. This connects to her son because he, like a river, will start picking up the cultures and the wisdom that

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