9/11: A Short Story

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I awoke 5 hours later in a small hospital room, remembering driving up with Ethan and Omar. I remembered nothing else and looked towards the bed. Omar was lying there, still asleep with Ethan looking down at him over the edge. “So, you’re awake, Howard.” Ethan said moving towards me. “You won’t believe what has just happened.” He slowly reached for the television remote and turned it on. “Burned down around 3 this morning.” A young newscaster was saying, “No bodies have currently been identified. It is unknown as to what has happened or if anyone has survived the blaze.” In the background was a large burned building, completely destroyed, with a group of officers and paramedics taking covered bodies away from the building. I immediately recognized…show more content…
Why are you here so late?” He asked me, “You might have to come back tomorrow.” “I am sorry to have awoken you, but I need something from the chapel.” I said as the man rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “I know that this might be rather hard to believe, but we need it to kill a hellhound. It was somehow brought here by a young man. I believe that he might have already paid the price.” The young man nodded and led me inside. “I suppose that it was that Keith man. I told him that he shouldn’t have messed with that kind of dark magic.” As the man led me through the empty church he introduced himself as Priest Harold. “Keith had come in one day and told me that he found an ancient tome telling of how to call demons into our world.” Harold said, his eyes distant in thought, “I warned him not to use it and that he should destroy it as soon as he could. I never believed that he had, and this seems to have proven it.” He brought me to a small cabinet behind the altar and opened it to reveal a small bottle of clear water. Harold held it up and passed it to me. He led me back towards the entrance and bid me farewell. “I suppose you needed some purified seas for this thing, or rather holy water. Keith had always called it the same thing. Hopefully you will succeed in your

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