Kathie Kajmowicz's Homecoming Dance

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Homecoming Committee: Behind the action Going past the student commons after school, you will notice a small group of dedicated students hard at work coloring, cutting, tracing, decorating, and planning each year's Homecoming festivities. Everyday Monday through Friday, from the start of school, till the day of the homecoming dance, they are all hard at work. Planning each year's homecoming dance is not an easy task, Kathie Kajmowicz (the sponsor of Homecoming committee) has said the committee starts planning the school year before to think of new ideas for the theming of each year's homecoming. This year’s theme was decided by a vote by the student body, and the theme of Disney blew all other themes out of the water. “ We started planning…show more content…
Kajmowicz has been a teacher at Niles West she has been the sponsor of the Homecoming committee, and this will make her seventh year being in charge of Homecoming. When she was a student at Niles West herself, she recalls some of her fondest memories of Homecoming was always getting ready and taking pictures during Homecoming. Danielle Harris joining Homecoming committee this year wanting to get involved with making this her best Homecoming! She has said that it's been a lot of work creating all the decor for the dance, being even more difficult this year with having few people, and having to put on a whole dance. “There wasn't many people that joined this year, but the ones that come every day, they all work hard and try their best,” Harris…show more content…
She found it in best interest in Having the committee focus their attention in getting all the decor ready for the dance. Homecoming committee has been facing many obstacles with the theme itself. Having the Disney brand being copyrighted, it's been very challenging not being able to use Disney likeness on any party favors, without risking infringing copyright laws. It’s also been difficult pinpointing the theme, Disney could be a broad theme, Disney could represent many things like Mickey Mouse, princess, fairies and many other themes that exist within Disney's franchises. They have decided on incorporating mostly themes around princess, Disney/Pixar, and Mickey and friends in the theming for Homecoming. There are a few things that have changed this year, the coronation assembly this year will be done in a format of a beauty pageant, having all the members of the Homecoming court being asked questions about their favorite Disney character and movie. Also, the stage like every year will differ from last year’s. Vanessa Radenkovic has really enjoyed being apart of homecoming committee, saying it's nice to have say in how our Homecoming is put

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