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  • Gulf Region Globalization

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    How does modernization affects the women in gulf region Authors note: this report answers some of the most basic questions about the effects of modernization on the women in gulf: How do the forces of globalization play differently for different groups of women in the Gulf region? To what extent do women organizations utilize global networks?   Table of Contents Women and Modernisation in Gulf region 3 Introduction 3 Geographic and cultural overview: 3 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE CONDITION

  • Essay On Refugee Refugees

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    MULTI-DIMENSIONAL RISKS UPON REFUGEE CHILDREN AND THEIR RESILIENCY MIE MIE KYAW Introduction Today’s world migration and becoming refugees is one of the largest and complicated histories. An array of negative factors such as economic recession, political unrest, civil wars, and poor living conditions make many civilians of different countries migrate to other countries and a lot of people seek refugee status. A refugee is defined as: a person who owing to well-founded fear of being

  • Importance Of Electricity In Pakistan

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    Electricity Generation in Pakistan Muhammad Haseeb Iqbal#1, Assher Ali*2, Umar Bashir #3 #Electrical Engineering FAST-NU Pakistan 1l124438@lhr.nu.edu.pk 1l124390@lhr.nu.edu.pk 1l124502@lhr.nu.edu.pk Abstract— Electricity is considered to be life line of any economy and socioeconomic development of a country. It is the job of government to provide enough electricity to the industry as well as to private sectors and commercial home usage. There are different ways for the generation of electricity

  • Neorealism Theory

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    Ever since the start of the human civilization, the world has never been in peace. Conflict has always been the most crucial element that made up history. Often, history repeats itself: genocides, mass killings, wars, and even a global scale of war and cross-continental wars. Positive and negative thinking, confusions, behaviors, and circumstances, all can lead to these serious consequences. Since then, many scholars, even from the earliest civilization till now, began to develop theory to describe

  • Islamic Advertising Assignment

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    THE ISLAMIC EMBRACE OF ADVERTISING: A STUDY OF TV ADVERTISING FRAMEWORKS OF SELECTED OIC COUNTRIES USING THE HIERARCHY OF INFLUENCES MODEL by, Dr. Aida Mokhtar, Dr. Selvarajah Tharmalingam, and, Dr. Sofiah Samsudin International Islamic University Malaysia INTRODUCTION When Islam and life are intertwined for Muslims who are guided by the Islamic principle ‘enjoining good and forbidding evil’, the inculcation of Islamic values in the production of advertising messages for the Muslim audience is crucial

  • Water India Limited Case Study

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    GAIL(INDIA) LIMITED GAIL (INDIA) Limited is one of the largest state government owned natural Producing and pipeline distribution company which has its headquarter in New Delhi ,India. It has following business functionalities: Gas Production(Natural),liquid carbon and hydrogen products, liquefied petroleum gas transport ,petrochemicals production city gas distribution, exploring and making gas ,GAIL TELECOM and electricity generation. GAIL has been conferred with Maharatna status on 1st feb 2013

  • Essay On Brucellosis

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    Review of Literature: 3.2: Brucellosis: 3.2.1: Introduction: Brucellosis is a worldwide problem in terms of health and economy affecting both human and animals. It has great public health significance because it can be transmitted both directly and indirectly to human with consequence illness causing incapacitation and loss of man power but also because of serious diminution of much essential and important food stuff. (WHO.,1971). In India, brucellosis is recorded in almost all states but the scenario

  • Doctor's Surgical Case Study

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    Executive Summary The objective of the report was to gather information about the surgical company, Dr surgical and the industry as a whole to see the performance of the company and trends in the local and international market. As the ultimate goal of every business is to grow, the basic idea was to propose and devise a strategy for the company which can help it to grow and expand and help it gain competitive edge over the competitors. The study was conducted through the use of primary and secondary

  • New Public Management Case Study

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    accountable. Also, the purpose of these reforms in the public sector institutions is to make them more effective and useful in order to meet various challenges facing the country. These challenges are declining public finance, macroeconomic crisis; terrorism and increased level of poverty has pushed the government to go after these new public management

  • Re-Entry Action Plan

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    “STRENGTHENING and RE-ALIGNING THE MARINDUQUE STATE COLLEGE EXTENSION SERVICES TOWARDS THE ROAD TO ASEAN COMMUNITY” ANA FE N. MOLATO, CoE, MPA ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Foremost, I would like to thank Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, for giving the good health, wisdom, strength, support and knowledge in exploring things so I can finish this endeavor. The completion of this Re-Entry Action Plan (REAP) on the extension Agenda of Marinduque State College will not be realized without