Religious Symbols In Secular Music Essay

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Religious Symbolism in Secular Music Music is one of the most popular art forms evident in social, religious and cultural aspects of life. Each song written is made to convey a message; although many popular songs discuss relationships, love and social behavior, other songs include religious symbolism and discuss faith. As seen in music videos and heard in lyrics, famous artists convey their beliefs, practices and religious opinions in their music. Many people are unaware that songs they listen to could have religious symbolism and impact. Some artists write in favour of faith and others opposed to it. Including religious symbolism in music is an effective way of communicating a musician’s beliefs to the public. Examples of secular music with religious symbolism include Jesus Walks by Kanye West and Like a Prayer by Madonna. The song Jesus Walks, by Kanye West was…show more content…
Directors employ religious symbolism in music videos to visually display the beliefs and message of the artist.. The director of Jesus Walks, Michael Haussman included symbols such as halo, fire, burning crosses, doves, the KKK, Jesus and the Apostles to help convey the message of Kanye’s song. Mary Lambert, the director of Like a Prayer used symbols such as stigmata, burning crosses and the church itself to visually display Madonna’s message. Including religious symbols in music videos is effective in communicating the musician’s message because it references the deeper significance of the lyrics, for example, the fire in the Jesus Walks music video showed that Kanye was referring to minorities living as if they’re in hell, a message that wouldn’t have been clear otherwise. Religious symbolism is used in music videos and lyrics to express the profound significance of the song. Overall, including religious symbolism in songs is an effective way to communicate the musician’s beliefs to the

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