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The book “Fearless” by Max Lucado can be best described as a theological book on the subject of dealing with fear as the bible outlines. He states that,“Fear is a bad habit of your mind”. The question that spawned this best selling piece of literature is how do we learn to suppress and use our mortal fears to do God’s work in our daily lives. The book touches almost every aspect of fear that interacts with us in our lives during the pivotal point in American history, 2009. This piece is considered objective writing since the book is structured on a central theme or purpose and encompesses it with related content that back up that theme. Each of the chapters in the book explore and expand upon a characteristic or complication of fear in everyday life.“Woe, Be Gone-The Fear of Running Out, I’m Sinking Fast-Fear of…show more content…
In each chapter Max Lucado address a deeply embedded concern that is in our daily lives. The first line in the 4th chapter,”Worry stands in the airport security line and removes her bracelet”, shows that he confronts each type of fear.He said in the first chapter,”We are living in troubled times…...Fear has set up shop next door for a decade”. In the first chapter, he identifies terrorism as the plague of the decade. His greatest illusory/persuasive tactic he utilizes in his work are personal anecdotes. This is best shown by the opening of the book,”You would have like by brother, everyone did…”. He uses this story about his brother wasting his life away with alcohol and turning it around in his last year of life before he dies on the way to the hospital in an ambulance to show what truly dying without fear means. He relates to the reader what he imagines his last moments were like on earth based on the actions that his brother made as he

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