Negative Effects Of Post Colonialism

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Colonization has many damaging aspects, especially from the colonized people’s perspective. One may think once colonized nations gain independence, all the hardships are over. However, between analyzing books like Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth, Robert J. C. Young’s Postcolionalism, and work from Césaire, it is evident there are clear struggles following independence. There are lasting effects on both parties, the colonizer and the colonized. Throughout the process of colonization, the colonizer uses inhumane savage like tactics on what they believe an inferior nation. Colonization destroys cultures, land, and the colonized people’s human rights. One may hope to believe post-colonialism does not play any role in today’s society, but…show more content…
However, one of the biggest hardships is dealing with the devastating aftermath of colonization. Many of these third world countries set a variety of goals including “empowering the poor, the dispossessed, and the disadvantaged, for tolerance of difference and diversity, for the establishment of minorities rights, women’s rights, and cultural rights”. (Young 113) All of these are goals worth aspiring towards, but these under developed nations generally do not gain all these aspects immediately. Instead, these countries are often left empty handed and without guidance. In result, they form alliances with developed nations and expose themselves to exploitation. For example, many of these newly independent countries rely on their raw resources and continue to help benefit these empowered countries, selling these resources at an unfair price. In continuation, new leaders of countries following colonization carry a massive hardship. They attempt to make it a goal to catch up immediately with developed nations, but this goal is unrealistic and…show more content…
The concept of white supremacy has roots linked all the way back to ancient history and has been demonstrated throughout. A well-known example is the relation between Britain and India. Today, India is still attempting to overcome the lingering effects of Britain’s rule. Colonization involves the colonizers stripping away the colonized people’s civilization replacing their language, values, religion, education, and government with their own. As far as language, the colonizer’s language devalues the indigenous language (Young 41). Also, the conversion to the colonizer’s language aids in preventing rebellion. Colonization is emplaced by fear, degradation of the colonized, and forming corrupt alliances. The white man previously talked about is viewed as powerful and almighty, while the indigenous people are seen as savages instead of human

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