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  • Ethical Ethics Of Torture

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    As criminal cases continue to increase, interrogating bodies have inflicted certain acts on culprits which have been described as torture; however there has been denial of executing it, and in most instances no one has been held questionable. This is has raised a lot of ethical dilemmas and questions about torture. Below is the analysis of three articles by renowned professors and authors who have raised different but sound thesis about ethics of torture. The stance taken in the articles is analyzed

  • Satire In Brave New World

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    Huxley introduces parallels between this new society he has created and our society now. When Huxley felt something strong towards what was happening in society, he would include a satirical element about it in Brave New World. Golda Meir, fourth Prime Minister of Israel, once said “One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.” By that, she means that although the present has changed its ways because of the past, we always need to know the past so we

  • Essay On Digital Privacy

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    has amplified access to communication manifold and has brought the world closer, at least virtually. An overwhelming number of people are today conducting their lives through the internet and mobile phones. But all this comes at a cost. Growing terrorism and other trans-national crimes, states’ snooping nature and their enhanced technological capacities, have led to colossal mass surveillance.

  • Effects Of Cyber Crime

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    Globalization has completely transformed the way in which the world and its people interact. Earlier there were several roadblocks in the ability to communicate and interact with the people worldwide. But now, the world is becoming more and more globalized in all spheres: Business, financial, social, economical, etc. Over the years, a lot of technological advancements have come into picture including

  • Importance Of Education Essay

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    Education for all To what extent has education an influence on poverty ? Education is not only reading, writing and arithmetic. In order to reduce poverty and inequality, this could be the most important investment a country can make in its people. It is considered to be the cheapest defense of a nation. It is a global fact that who have reached the heights of development and prosperity have done it by using education and information as a tool. To achieve high level of economic growth, high rate

  • BCM Standards Analysis

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    The first BCM standard was drafted in 2006 in the UK after having endured large-scale crises and disasters. Researchers thus found themselves compelled to find mechanisms and methods to develop BCM standards. Should the entities comply with such standards, they will continue delivering critical/ essential functions and services, recover from the disruption, and return to normal operations. United Arab Emirates is a leading nation in this field since there is no BCM standard in Arabic in any country

  • Mumbai Terrorist Attack Case Study

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    Uninhabited Islands. There are nearly 1200 uninhabited islands in our seas pose a major security threat as these are being scanned by terror outfits. 5. Gun Running. Smuggling of narcotics and gun-running generates huge amounts of money that fuels terrorism amongst other things. Given her history, demographics and pluralistic society, India is especially exposed to similar targeting by similar non state players and the terror sponsoring neighbours. Clearly, it is necessary to take issues of maritime

  • Essay On War Photography

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    WAR PHOTOGRAPHY Earlier, war was painted as ‘sweet’ by the British government influencing young soldiers to fight for personal glory and national honour. Since then, war has become inevitable causing destruction and leading to the greatest tragedy of human species. War Photography captures photographs of armed conflict and life in war-torn areas.The origin of photography can be traced back to the 1820s with the help of chemical photography by the French inventor Niaphore Niepce. However

  • Argumentative Essay On ISIS

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    The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) is a terrorist group that began to take over the Middle East. They have become one of the biggest and most brutal groups in the world. They captured and behead prisoners, placed them in dog cages while burning them alive, and torture them to death. They even go so far to crucify them and display them on the internet, like YouTube, for the world to see. As of today, nobody really knows what caused ISIS, although, many believe it was during the dictatorship

  • Human Security Research Paper

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    GDSS 1066 Issues and controversies in Modern European History 1st Semester 2016/2017 Major Essay Assignment 14221020 Leung Lai Chong 1. Explain the conception of human security. Does human security raise a challenge to traditional conceptions of national security? The Historical background and development of the Concept