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  • Non Interference In Cold War

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    Regarding the doctrine of non-interference, one of ASEAN's main points was the doctrine of non-interference in the internal affairs of member states. Several examples of non-interference in ASEAN may be found during the Cold War period. For instance, deference to the principle of non-interference was a reason for ASEAN's refusal to address the genocide acts of Pol Pot regime during 1975-78 . Concerning the question whether ASEAN would include a military arrangement, at the founding Bangkok meeting

  • Archetypal Spy Novels Analysis

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    Spy thrillers are genre novels and so they have a contract with the reader to deliver a certain type of story that is within those genre boundaries. That limits the options to four archetypal spy novel plots that are included in the mission, the mystery, on the run, and playing defence. Mission plot is a straightforward one but it’s as well one of the best. The Protagonist is simply authorized a ‘mission’ and attempts to carry it out. The Protagonist often works for an espionage agency or

  • Globalisation Vs Globalization

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    products on a large scale. Therefore the domestic markets shrink. Conflicts Every economy wants to be at the top spot and be the leader. The fast-paced economies, that is the developed countries are vying to be the supreme power. It has given rise to terrorism and other forms of violence. Such acts not only cause loss of human life but also huge economic losses. Monopoly Another disadvantage is the increasing level of monopolies. Usually amonopoply is a situation whereby only one seller has a say in

  • Transitional Justice Issues

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    Human rights violations and violent conflicts in the Niger Delta of Nigeria have elicited interests from scholars and international agencies. Although these studies provide significant insights into the conflicts in the Niger Delta, the issue of transitional justice has not been adequately addressed. Consequently, this article examines transitional justice mechanisms in the Niger Delta, gaps and prospects. The article begins with the conceptualization of human rights violation and transitional justice

  • Transactional Stress Theory

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    Human beings survive by constantly adapting to the demands of an ever changing environment. Person encounters stimuli from environment that provoke stress. The stimulus is known as stressor. Stressor can be of many kinds, it can be any disorder, disaster, family conflict, weather change, death of love one, occupational stress. It can impair person’s physical as well as mental health. So there is need to cope with these stressors by confronting them rather than avoiding. Stress Stress is defined

  • Violence In South Africa

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    violence, gender based violence, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, family violence, child maltreatment, youth violence, media violence, elder abuse, workplace violence, structural violence, armed conflict, new wars, complex emergencies, terrorism and genocide. The South African homicide rate is much higher compared to road traffic and suicide rates, when compared to other regions. The suicide rate however cannot be considered low. The easy availability of firearms and gang violence are also

  • International Security Definition

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    What is meant by international security? International Security is the system which covers all states of the world and interdependent along the states and should be implemented by the approval of the states. When we speak of international security, it will come into mind that in order to keep peace in the world, states should agree with each other and should follow and implement what were agreed before. In case of globalism, international security demands more interdependence from states, I mean

  • Computer Forensics In Computer Forensics

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    overtake human ability and it has become part of our human lifestyle and this trence will continue to grow tremdeously. Computer crime such as corporate financial fraud, intrusion by insider, stealing of identity, credit card fraud, child pornography, terrorism intrusion and etc... Computer forensics play a major role in counteract those crimes that are committed by the criminal. “Computer Forensics involves obtaining and analysing digital information for use as evidence in civil, criminal or administrative

  • 10 Controversial Hostage Incidents

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    10 Controversial Hostage Incidents Perpetrated by Lone Gunmen We frequently hear about hostage situations committed by militant and terrorist groups who aim to direct attention towards the causes they are fighting for (or so they say). These incidents are so widely publicized that it is virtually impossible not to hear about them even if you intentionally avoid watching the news. However, there have also been hostage incidents that managed to make just about the same amount of noise despite having

  • Causes Of Boko Haram

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    Terrorism is the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective. The main terrorist group that has been a serious threat to education in the north-east region of Nigeria is the Boko Haram terrorist group. It has been described as one of the deadliest, extremist armed groups in the world. The already existing low level of education and literacy in north-east Nigeria have been aggravated by the Boko Haram terrorist