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  • Thank God For The Atomic Bomb Analysis

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    hand, In his polemic essay, Thank God for the Atom, Paul Fussell argues that the atomic bombs were a necessary evil to end the war quickly. On the other hand, Michael Walzer in his response to Fussell's essay, contends that the bombs were an act of terrorism and immoral. I agree that the war needed to come to an end somehow but the means were inhumane. Thousands of people died in mere minutes, two cities were virtually wiped off the face of the earth in the span

  • Just Walk On By Brent Staples Summary

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    Whenever people hear the word Muslim, the first thing that came in their mind are Terrorism, bombs, Taliban, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Osama-bi- laden. Same as when people see a black guy, the first thoughts that came in their mind are thug, mugger, rapist or drug dealer . These are some of the unsubstantiated assumption that people usually made just by look or thinking about others. Overall, unsubstantiated assumptions and stereotype thoughts about anyone can be prejudicial for anybody. In his

  • Persuasive Essay On Asylum Seekers

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    allowed into the country, is because they are a threat to national security (Source 1, Amnesty International). Some refugees coming into Australia could be terrorists. This statement is simply false. Refugees are the ones trying to run away from terrorism and persecution. Refugees also go through a meticulous and thorough security check by ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation). This means it is highly unlikely that a refugee would be a threat to national

  • Maritime Security Definition

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    sector” . This likely finds cause in the prevailing idea that “dimensions of security already discussed may also be applied to the maritime environment, with each arguably possessing maritime elements.” Indeed, issues such as inter-state disputes, terrorism, trafficking of narcotics, people and illicit goods, arms proliferation and environmental challenges prevail as much in the regular security domain as they do in the maritime security

  • Negative Effects Of Technology

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    Title of Paper Name of Student Wilmington University Abstract The technology plays a great role in development of the society. It has brought many benefits advancing the life in inventing many things. But at the same time it also threats the nations which have already appeared or yet to. The rise in core of technologies has already brought changes in the globe leading to many unethical

  • Transportation Security Administration Pros And Cons

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    ABSTRACT Transportation Security Administration Screening was established because of the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Americans will forever feel the pain of September 11, 2001, and their lives will never be the same. The American way of life was changed because of the magnitude of this terrorist attack. This attack placed the airports in high alert, and the American citizen was placed in constant state of dis-ease. The Terrorist used our airline as missile to attack us, by hitting the World Trade

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of President Bush's Post 9-11 Speech

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    reminding people that America is still strong enough to triumph over any terrorist organization. The goal of the post 9-11 speech was very simple. President Bush wanted to remind the American public that they have a leader who will not allow the terrorism to continue. He wanted to let the people know that he was down in the trenches with the common people and was not a higher official who unaffected by this event. “Our very freedom came under attack” (Bush, par 1) instead of using open pronouns,

  • Micah Dalton Summary

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    Micah Dalton is the lead in the Micah Dalton series of detective thrillers by best-selling crime fiction author David Stone. The first novel published in the series that featured the chief protagonist Micah Dalton was The Echelon Vendetta that was first published in 2007. Micah Dalton is a CIA cleaner who works to clean up the messes of the Agency and other government arms in operations all over the world. When we are first introduced to the character in the debut novel in the series, he is a darling

  • The Pros And Cons Of Political Prisoners

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    “Political Prisoner” is a term used to describe people/groups that are imprisoned for their political beliefs. These people have opposed or criticized the government in someway. Often people use the term “political prisoner” broadly and they only understand it narrowly, tantamounting it to prisoner of conscience. The United States government denies that they have political prisoner, but it is no doubt that they actually do. This is the opinion of a blogger has more knowledge than most on the subject

  • Humanitarian Intervention In The Iraq War

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    occupation of Iraq by overthrowing Saddam Hussein. Later he was captured and executed. The United states occupied Iraq and wanted to establish a new stable and a democratic government. The Iraq war also involved the "war on terror" or "Global War On Terrorism" in response to the attacks of september11,2001. The rationale behind attacking Iraq according to Bush administration was that firstly Saddam Hussein possessed