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  • Human Rights Violations In The Niger Delta

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    Human rights violations and violent conflicts in the Niger Delta of Nigeria have elicited interests from scholars and international agencies. Although these studies provide significant insights into the conflicts in the Niger Delta, the issue of transitional justice has not been adequately considered. Consequently, this article examines human rights violations and transitional justice mechanisms in the Niger Delta. The article begins with the conceptualization of human rights violation and transitional

  • Importance Of Information Management

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    Introduction We live in an era that is subjected to ever increasing changes in terms of Information, Services and Technology, where information forms an integral part of all operations, daily tasks and business practices. Information is plentiful and can be easily accessed, but “having the ‘right’ information when it is required is essential if your organisation is to carry out its duties in an efficient and effective manner” (In-Form Consult Ltd., 2005). The only way on which one can ensure that

  • The Importance Of Intelligence Ethics

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    Societies and their governments have constantly used secret intelligence about other societies for advantage in competition, conflict and war. The routes that different societies employ and the way in which they control their secret intelligence services differ with the nature of those societies. Espionage is a part of such intelligence gathering. Espionage between states is an undercover state-sponsored intrusion of the restricted space of another state or organization (be it physically, visually

  • Effects Of Cybercrime

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    Question 5 Cybercrime affects different social groups and sectors (e.g. women, people living in rural areas, children, people with disabilities, the elderly, the poor) in different ways. Critically discuss this statement by giving examples and citing specific reference material. GRACE N MUTUNG’U MA/PGD 2014 CYBERSECURITY FINAL ASSIGNMENT 16 DEC 2014 Word Count: 1737 Social aspects of Cybercrime The question of social effects of cybersecurity rests on a broad definition of cybercrime that includes

  • Sociology: Environment And Sociology

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    Environment and Sociology Sociology can help us to understand how environmental problems are distributed in regions, countries and communities. For example although global warming will affect everyone on the planet, it will do so in different ways to different groups and communities. Flooding kills many more people in low-lying, poor countries, such as Bangladesh, where housing and emergency infrastructures are less able to cope with severe weather than in Europe. In richer countries, such as the

  • Apple Inc Case Study

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    NTRODUCTION Apple Inc. is a American company which manufactures computer software, personal computers, cell phones & consumer electronic products. The world's renowned products by Apple are: the Macintosh line of personal computers, the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad. By August 2010, 301 retail stores in 10 countries were operated by Apple Inc. The Apple consists of various software which are as follows: the Mac OS X operating system, Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio, productivity software (iWork suite)

  • Difference Between Public And Public Relations

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    In an exhaustive manner, clearly, delineate the major differences between public relations and press relations to public relations practice in Nigeria In Nigeria, the public tends to misunderstand the two professions in their roles and responsibilities, this emanates from the fact that both share the same attributes and familiar traits. They pursue the same goal, to create public awareness through varied means and application. Both are in a symmetrical relationship in which organisations can interact

  • Autoinjector Case Study

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    A concept of a probable autoinjector for bio-threat agents Geetha RV1, Anitha Roy1, Senthilkumar S1, Bhaskar ASB2 and Vijayaraghavan R1 1Saveetha University, Chennai ? 600077 2Defence Research and Development Establishment, Gwalior ? 474002 Short title : Autoinjector for bio-threat agents Corresponding author : R. Vijayaraghavan, Ph.D. Jai_vijay@hotmail.com Abstract Chemical and biological weapons can be used during conflicts and by terrorists to injure or kill humans and animals

  • Essay On Economic Globalization

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    Latest developments in information technology, transport facilities and communication technology have accelerated the pace of globalisation in recent years. The increased use of internet has enabled fast global communication and timely delivery of goods. Nowadays, goods are packed into containers and transported by cargo ships. The use of containers and cargo ships enabled the companies to transport vast quantities of goods and commodities across the world at low costs. With the rise of social media

  • Gulf Region Globalization

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    How does modernization affects the women in gulf region Authors note: this report answers some of the most basic questions about the effects of modernization on the women in gulf: How do the forces of globalization play differently for different groups of women in the Gulf region? To what extent do women organizations utilize global networks?   Table of Contents Women and Modernisation in Gulf region 3 Introduction 3 Geographic and cultural overview: 3 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE CONDITION