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  • Causes And Disadvantages Of Boko Haram

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    Nigeria is equal, however, because the Boko Haram the number of Christian keeps decreasing. At least 2.6 million Christian in Nigeria have been killed since the 2009 movement of Boko Haram. The side effects of Boko Haram it is also increase the terrorism in Nigeria until 300 percent. And to strengthening group position, they make alliance with

  • The Sociology Of Racism In Society

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    The Sociology of Racism All people in the world are different and this is our specialty which makes life colorful. The diversity that distinguishes or marks people is called race or ethnicity. However for many centuries the diversity has been the object of discrimination even slavery of some nations. Racism is the tragedy of humanity which still exists as a genetic disease coming from generation to generation. Especially racism is commonly associated with “black and white people” when “white people”

  • Essay On Poor Nations

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    It is really hard to imagine people dying from extreme hunger and poverty in 21st century Korea, or any other developed countries. However, in this “world of plenty,” number of people dying or suffering from hunger and malnutrition diseases is actually staggering. According to World Bank estimates, over 1 billion people in the world, meaning that over one quarter of the world’s population, is living in “extreme poverty.” Extreme poverty means “poverty that kills.” Today, 20,000 people will starve

  • Political Issues In ASEAN

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    Furthermore, each country that formed up ASEAN faced a similar set of issues which their governments wanted to address or at least mediate. The most important of these common problems was the need for internal stability created not only individual countries but to preserve the national elite power base. These elites all have a tendency toward at least few forms of capitalism. All ASEAN member countries were anti-communist. Some anti-communist elite simply for ideological reasons, but what they all

  • Inequality In British Literature Review

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    Chapter Two -Literature Review 2. Introduction This chapter reviews the literature related to the Inequality in United Kingdom. Causes of inequality for the Somali community and inequality affect the Somali community in particular. However, the review is conceptualised under the objectives of research and focuses mainly on educational underachievement, employment opportunities and disproportionate community assets. 2.1 Inequality in the United Kingdom The country is currently experiencing increasing

  • Advantage Of Customs Policy

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    Customs operate as the primary defense mechanism against the type of goods classified as dangerous within our community, and the trafficking of illegal goods. They make a fight against fraud, as well as terrorism and delinquency to protect the European population. This customs policy, was certainly one of the first achievements of the EU, and as a result of this great achievement we see as still in force in our territory. The countries that joined the treaty

  • The Federal Court System

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    The primary level of the federal court system is the District Courts. Their role is to resolve disputes by determining the facts and applying legal principles to decide who is right. The second level of the federal court system is the Courts of Appeals. Their role is to determine whether or not the law was applied correctly in the trial court. The highest level of the federal court system is the Supreme Court, whose role is to pass laws establishing a system of lower courts (Administrative Office

  • Peacekeeping Goals

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    With the end of the Cold War, a new generation of peacekeeping operation was needed to help with nations resolving conflicts. As the 1990s passed, the United Nations (UN) experienced difficulties to reach its objectives, changing the initial optimism to a more pessimistic approach. The complexity of intrastate conflicts waged within the population required multidimensional peacekeeping missions. The UN has been on over 100 missions in different nations. They have succeeded and failed over the span

  • Ict In Human Development

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    Recommendations: ICT does have the potential to play a major role in global policies and goals to eradication of societal ills - poverty, disparities, marginalizations across gender, race, sexual and cultural identities, religious and political beliefs. To face these challenges there must be a radical shift in how we think about these global problems, if humanity is to tip the scale at the equilibrium point, where human development is leveled out for all 7 billion inhabitants of this planet. There

  • Police Perception

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    ABSTRACT This study was attempted to investigate the general public perception about police department and factors that influence them perception. Policing is a major controlling part of human life and is necessary for modifiable human behavior, controlling crime and protecting the citizens. The objectives of the study were to identify the major factors which influence police image in public. (2) To find out that misusing of power in police department impacts public views about Police. (3) Role