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World War II drastically changed the world and the elements of warfare. The population that greatly contributed to this change was the survivors. World War II victims and veterans provide an inside look on the events of the war and what helped them survive. In an inspirational bibliography, THE HIDING PLACE, Corrie ten Boom recounts her story as it played out during the 1930s in Haarlem, Holland during the pre-World War II era. The author’s inspirational acts present three main themes: the role of women in war, having love for humanity and the importance of understanding the after math of war. Ten Boom’s story begins in her home, the Béje, with her mother, father, aunts, and closest sister Betsie. Soon after the Prime Minister declared war and the Germans attacked, the ten Boom family opened up their home as a safe haven for Jewish refugees. Ten Boom’s closet was transformed into a safe room. Ten Boom and her family created a fake wall to cover the safe haven from German soldiers. The ten Boom’s helped a vast number of families without the Germans knowing, until one man ruined it all. Jan Vogel tricked the ten Booms into getting captured by the…show more content…
For instance, rekindling one’s love for humanity could be the missing key in terms of humanitarian intervention and international aid. Warfighters all over the world need to remember that while someone may be the enemy, it is just as important to assess the expenses of war both prior to and after the event. Out of the three themes presented by the aurthor, the one that is most essential to modern times is indeed : love for humanity. If more people in today’s world had some degree of love or respect for humanity, the world would not be as corrupt. If they took the time to go the extra mile for someone or displayed Corrie’s level of forgiveness, a lot of issues would be put to a stop before they would

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