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1. List at least 4 benefits that Joel Kramer states that yoga brings. The four benefits of yoga include: a better therapeutic tool for correcting physical and psychological problems; enhances your aging and sexual stimulation; improves your flexibility and strength for physical activities; and improves your cognitive thinking. 2. “Being able to do complicated postures doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to do yoga.” Explain in your own words what this means. In my own words, I believe the ability to do complicated postures require patience and progress. A person starts to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses from doing “complicated” tasks or postures. It is important to understand our progress through a complicated task. We…show more content…
Joel states that in yoga practice, when a person’s mind tires, our attention starts to wander around. When our mind wanders around, we neglect our sensitive body’s message. Without efficient bodily messages, we will treat our bodies with less care. 4. Do you consider yourself more of a “pusher” or “sensualist”? Explain and give examples. I consider myself more or of a “pusher” than a “sensualist”. I tend to push myself until my mind and body tell me it’s too much. In Yoga, I want to use my performance as a caliber to improve. For instance, if I were to be in a challenging yoga pose, I tend to push myself to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses. By understanding my strengths and weaknesses, I use these factors as a way to improve my performance with a certain task. 5. If you have done yoga for some time and don’t love doing it, what does Joel advise to do? This type of feeling stems from a lack of awareness of our judgment or thinking. Joel advises us to focus on our bodily actions by letting go. Also when we have the feeling of not loving something, Joel advises us to concentrate on the task itself and not to hope for fast…show more content…
What does Joel Kramer mean by “playing the edge?” Why is this important? “Playing the edge” helps you understand a person’s limit in stretch, strength, endurance, and balance. By “playing the edge”, you will be able to learn to move slowly with your actions and you start to acclimatize to your surroundings. 8. What are the 5 ways by which lines of energy affect yoga? According to the text, the five ways by which lines of energy affect yoga include: “increasing energy within the posture, toning and relaxing the nervous system, decreasing the likelihood of injury through overextension of muscle stretch, increasing strength and endurance in postures, and internally aligning the body in the pose.” 9. What are least four examples of mental resistance? Which of these can you relate to personally? Describe using examples. Mental resistance stems from forgetting things, making excuses, laziness, and suffering illness/injuries. An example that I can personally relate to myself is making excuses about my hunger. When I started college last year, I tend to eat too much and start to feel full. Although I feel full, I still have the tendency to eat more. 10. How does Joel address competition and what we should do with

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