Can You Empathize With Others Essay

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Second Thought Paper: Can You Empathize with Others? At first time, it is not easy to think from the perspective of someone who is different from you. It is because there is not much opportunity to understand or think about such existence and the situation that such weak people have been in. But if you read such a novel, or watch documentary, or even just hear lively stories that describe the situation in detail and feelings vividly, your ability to empathize will be raised. Therefore, those resources are helpful to improve not only your point of view with positive attitude but also the empathy skill to understand various situations and put yourself in others. Today, you can empathize others without the same experiences and empathy is necessary and essential at work, school, and even in social life. How to empathize with others without you actually experience what they’ve…show more content…
People who come to Training Resources of America in Worcester all came from a different background and when I heard their individual stories of lives, I was able to empathize with them. One lady who was around 30s told me that she had to quit school in a young age and began to work to earn money for her family because her family got bankrupted. One man who looked just like around my age told me he had never learned any math because he couldn’t attend school at the time he was supposed to. They have been sharing me with their personal stories so I was able to empathize with them that allow me to have a positive mindset and good understanding. I was willing to help and teach them math and English to the people in there because I was connecting with them. CBL is a great place where I can build cognitive empathy to understand the emotions of others in a real and meaningful way, which in turn makes us happier and more

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