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  • Persuasive Essay: Why You Should Hire Me?

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    Why You Should Hire Me Let’s face it; every resume that comes across your desk is qualified for the job. They have the degrees, the license, the portfolio, and the references. You’re looking for something more though. You’re not hiring for just any job, you’re hiring a teacher. That’s a huge responsibility. The person you select will be responsible for over thirty-one thousand contact hours with your students in one year alone (assuming an average class size of 25 students, 7 hours per day, and 180

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Should School Start Later?

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    Good morning sleepyheads, it’s too early in the morning to be in school. Later school start times would be beneficial. The trouble is, only 20% of the whole nation has start times at 8:30 am or later. Schools should start later because it’s beneficial to children’s health, makes their learning more effective, and youth would have a better status of mood. Schools want what’s best for children’s health right? By starting school later, it ensures their health. According to

  • Flowers For Algernon: Questions And Answers

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    Raymond's Run Flowers for Algernon What is author’s purpose? author's purpose is the reason an author decides to write about a specific topic What was the author’s position in the essay Tell Tale Heart? The narrator is intensely nervous, but claims that he isn't insane The narrator explains to us that he has a "disease" that makes his "senses" super powerful. According to him, this is different than an insane person, whose senses

  • Franklin Foer Analysis

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    This leaves the writer confused as to where the writer is going with his essay; Foer’s witty narrative offers no consolation for his ill-structured writing. Allen Guttman aptly describes Foer’s thesis as ‘anemic’ claiming it ‘flickers on and off like a lightbulb on its last amps’. (Guttman) At times the writer goes off on

  • The New Jim Crow Analysis

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    To what extent does the Michelle alexander use persuasion in order to show similarity between the Jim Crow and the new American justice system? The new American justice system was believed to be a refined version of the previous Jim crow that promised equality and liberty to all races. The term “Jim crow” refers to the practice of segregating people in the Us The New Jim Crow was published during the year 2010, it  is a book written by Michelle alexander, a credible well known American rights litigator

  • Creativity In Advertising Research

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    This essay is a critical analysis which supports the thesis that advertising requires creativity and should be regarded as an entertainment and art form. An in-depth look will be given into the various different persuasive and promotional functions of advertising, different perspectives of leading figures in the advertising industry, changing patterns in consumer behavior, the impact of digital technologies on media consumptions, advertising saturation and creativity as a gendered construct. To

  • Jones Violent Media

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    Evaluation of Jones’ Persuasion Techniques The essay, “Violent media is good for kids”, written by Gerard Jones, was first published in Mother Jones magazine in the year 2000, and nearly two decades later, this subject is still relevant today. Jones is author of violent media himself, as he has written many books for Marvel Comics. The essay argues that violent media is good for kids, which is also Jones’ thesis. To support his thesis, Jones discusses several arguments, such as his personal experience

  • Gender Stereotypes In Leadership

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    Authors Sandberg and Chavez formed a strong and compelling argument in regards to the undermining stereotypes that millions of women all around the world are facing today. The word “bossy” is so commonly thrown around to characterize many women around the world, ranging from young girls in school yards to successful women like Susan Rice. The authors makes a valid point, bringing to the reader’s attention that, “Powerful and successful men are often well liked, but when women become powerful and

  • The Pros And Cons Of National Education

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    the sense of belongingness which the nowadays educational system cannot provide. Nonetheless, a portion of citizens embrace multiple national identities and current teenagers’ study workload is relatively ponderous compared with previous era. This essay will organize and address bilateral opinions as well as express my view as a conclusion. One of the rationales of the affirmative side is that schools embrace responsibility to introduce correct, accurate information and statistics to students so as

  • Why Don T We Complain Analysis

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    Despite the many issues worth complaining about in the world today, most people are reluctant to complain. However, when problems are not confronted, they cannot be solved. In their respective essays, Jonathan Swift and William F. Buckley, Jr. discuss the idea that a society that is apathetic toward its problems cannot advance. In the satire "A Modest Proposal," Swift mockingly suggests a "modest" solution to improve the economy and address starvation in Ireland in 1729 because at the time, the government