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Over-weight people store an amount of fat which is not necessary for survival. Being over-weight is not necessarily being obese, but obesity is an extreme case of being over-weight. As we age, we tend to eat the same amount of food that we ate when we were more active, and we are also less able to do the same activities. This produces the weight gain that most adults see when they age every ten years. The amount of over-weightness can be measured by the Body Mass Index (BMI). This number basically tells us if we have just enough fat to be healthy or if we have too much excess fat. A normal or healthy range for your BMI should be 18.5 to 25. Someone who is over-weight tends to have a BMI in the range 25 to 30. An obese person has a very high…show more content…
To achieve that vision we will have to burning up the energy stored in the excess fat on our body. However, we need to control weight carefully and with insight. We can’t just stop eating or radically reduce our sugar and starch intake because we can’t burn fat as readily. We also can’t reduce the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes and so on that are so essential to re-generating our body without causing harm to our bodies. There are many effective supplements that can aid weight loss, but some of these have side effects which are harmful to health. For instance, Ma Huang has been used for a long time in Chinese herbal medicine to aid slimming, but its abuse led to being withdrawn on markets. When taken excessively Ma Huang causes palpitations because it contains ephedrine. Other miracle supplements include a compound called hydrocitric acid (HCA) which reduces appetite and increases fat burning. No magic pill can cause our bodies to always burn up the fat we don’t want. Supplements can aid weight control but they cannot replace the need for proper diet and exercise. Weight can only be controlled safely and effectively through a long term diet and exercise plan, but it takes great effort and discipline because we have to contend with the incessant chatter in our

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