Persuasive Essay On Money In Education

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How money is currently being allocated towards education needs to be reexamined and prioritized towards education rather than sports. As stated in the New York Times: “Our system gives three times as much aid to the least needy as it gives to the most.” Large numbers of students are either dropping out of college or graduating college, and then entering the workforce; but due to college, each student is carrying tens of thousands of dollars of debt. This excessive debt at the start of their careers puts an enormous strain on these young adults. Worst yet, many more students recognize this issue and choose not to enter college and instead begin looking for work of which normally doesn’t pay well. Education at these higher than needed prices is unsustainable and needs to be regulated. Laws need to be put into place within the next six years to lower college prices and place caps on college profits. Within the next five years we need to start converting the curriculum starting with the first grade. Each year afterwards the following grade will need to be converted. Taking what we have learned from other countries and putting them into practice, such as; Japan’s longer lunch time with self-serving students, Finland’s non-testing and homework…show more content…
Think about when you were in school and there was a test coming up Friday. What did you do to prepare for the test? Most students in this situation are content with memorizing as many possible answers as possible for the test, but once the test is said and done, just as many students will have forgot the majority of the information. This is now our current education system works and is part of why it is failing many of our children. Care needs to be taken to put information into thoughtful practice no matter the
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