Persuasive Essay On Genetic Engineering

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Most people do not know that if they get their embryos genetically engineered in the early stages they have about a 72% chance of the procedure working (Belluck). Now that we have more research on it the numbers have probably increased. Sometimes these modifications do not work effectively to give people their satisfaction. However, if the procedure does work it is a life changer let alone. Genetic Engineering is a very strenuous task that sometimes does not always work. With the right tools and knowledge of basic biology of DNA, any scientist could do it (Brooks). While genetic engineering in reproduction can be dangerous, meticulous and can be viewed as unnatural, it should be done in the United States because it allows parents to be in control of their decisions and outcomes, it can eliminate genetic disorders, and it can improve the…show more content…
For example, the CRISPR method is used to “fix” the mutation of the cells in the DNA (Brooks).They take the embryos and cut open and inserted with “scissors” the embryos repairs by copying the ones around(Belluck).Another method used for these test is CAR-T which is also used to alter the mutated cells and is also is more effective, sometimes this method is less safe (Page). CAR-T strategy puts in a virus added to a gene and it’s supposed to attack the cells (Page). When the scientist destroys the genetic disease from the embryos it does later on in life positively affect the later reproduction making it to were their embryos are not genetically mutated with diseases (Belluck). A very common disease that could be altered in the DNA of an embryo is PPD (Pervasive Developmental disorder) which is also known as Autism, Autism is not the only disease being altered. although, it is the disease that is mainly focused on. They put the autism gene in female monkeys to test more before they tested humans in the clinical

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