Persuasive Essay Against Abortion

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Abortion issue has brought a hot debate in almost all countries of the world. Parliaments of the countries have met more times to discuss about abortion laws. Some parts think that abortion should be legalized. On the other hand, others are highly supporting that the abortion should not be legalized. Even though abortion may be considered as act against the God’s will by some people; government should legalize abortion in order to help in maintaining good relationship in families, to avoid death risks that may involve in illegal abortion, and to protect mental health of both children and their mothers. Legal abortion helps in keeping good relationship in families. Many research has been conducted about abortion and relationship in families.…show more content…
It seem to be unavoidable to prevent someone who has already taken the decision of abortion. Thus, as there is no way to avoid this, government should legalize abortion to at least help them stay healthy by letting them access medical services which will reduce death risk. Furthermore, medical abortion is safer than the use of antibiotics which most of illegal abortions involve (womenonweb). When abortion is illegal, those who want to make it fear to do so in public in order to avoid being exposed to the public. This lead to the use of antibiotics in secret instead of medical services. Yet, these antibiotics are criticized to be highly risky to the human being. Thus, there is a need for legalized abortion in order to prevent death risk that might come when people are using antibiotics in secrets with no expert assistance. Restricting women for abortion is violating both women and kids right which will mentally affect both of those two people in the future. Once you restrict a woman from abortion yet she wanted so, you will end up having that woman unhappy and the child he will give birth to will

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