Persuasive Essay On Green Energy

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Introduction Fossil Fuels, they have been around for millions of years. We started using them exponentially in the 18th century, in the industrial revolution. We designed trains, boats, planes and cars all based on the existence of fossil fuels. The fossil fuels we use to today have been created over 370 million years ago and was created from old organisms. When an organism dies it will either turn into a fossil or it will be consume by the ground. Both forms will be turned into fossil fuels. Over millions of years the organisms will be affected by the pressure and turn onto oil, gas or coal. The type is decided by the place where it is formed. It is very common for gas to come from sea regions. And for oil to be on land. And coal to be near…show more content…
We use cars that run on petrol or diesel, we get our energy from factories that use fossil fuels and we make plastic from high density oil. This shows how much equipment we use now is useless once fossil fuels run out. We need to use Green energy (Personal) Unless you are filthy rich, you probably have always been on the lookout for ways to save some money. With the use of green energy this is possible. This “renewable energy” is a way to eliminate almost all of your utility bills. There are several ways to do this. The most common way is to invest in solar panels. This is something you can do yourself at home. Another way to invest in renewable energy is by buying wind turbines. Although this is illegal to do in and around most cities, sometimes be ugly and make noise, it is more sustainable than solar energy. (Avery Thompson,2016) My father has chosen for solar panels. He thought it was a good investment for later. He was renovating our house anyway, and he was always complaining about the energy cost of our “gadgets”, such as mobile phones, playstation, television and most of all the electric heater in the attic, where is sleep. So he decided to install solar panels. And now almost 3 years later, they have almost paid for

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