Persuasive Essay On College Education

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With a college education you could have everything you wanted as a child, you could get your dreamed house, as well as Lamborghini, and have a happy life with your loved ones, however there can also be some consequences with the decision making of a person that doesn’t know how to manage their life. Many people that choose going to college and succeed to become professionals in a career that they wanted as a child, can have the stuff they wanted, but some of them do not succeed so well, some have to pay loans and maybe even could not start a business after making those decisions because they are so in debt that their profit barely is affordable for them to survive, in these documents there are some arguments on why college should be consider a maybe for many young adults that are about to enter to the real world. In document H it states that you could start saving money at an early age like money from your birthdays, holiday money…show more content…
And the debts that graduates have is above the 26,000 dollars! Obama also said that many have the risk of paying that debt in their lifetimes making that hard work and pay check seem hopeless looking at how much you have in debts, many can afford it because of the rent and have to pay low monthly payments making the goal of paying off that debt so long. Therefore many choose to straight go to work instead of having to study even more. Some have success while others well just have a hard time deciding what to do next in their

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