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  • Essay On Clean Drinking Water

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    Communities and civilization have developed and flourished around water, as water is the most important necessity for economic and societal development. Urbanization, population and industrialization have depleted the clean drinking water sources. Their chemical and biological contaminations no more render them potable. Water borne diseases are one of the main reasons for premature mortalities in the world, especially among the economically weaker sections.[1] Children are vulnerable to attacks

  • Theodore Roosevelt's Political Reform

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    The Progressive era marked a time period in history where the United States of America underwent a political reform that further contributed to democracy. This was a necessary advancement and response to the rapid growing industrialization in America as evidenced by the need of regulation of big businesses, the low wage working classes, women’s rights, and poverty. This was conveyed through President Theodore Roosevelt, as he was an active participant and advocate of this movement. As strong corporations

  • African American Imperialism

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    Imperialism is defined as a “policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force, and other means” (“Imperialism”-Wikipedia). In other words, imperialism involves the domination of third world nations by first world nations. First World nations are considered to have unlimited access to education, literacy, technology-involving telegraph and transportation-, strong political systems, and power rich whereas, Third World nations have none or limited access

  • Dependency Theory In The Caribbean

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    Alavi and Shanin (1982) hypothesised what is now the reality for many developing countries including the Caribbean today. They surmised “Suppose giant corporations succeed in establishing themselves as the dominant form of international enterprise and come to control a significant share of industry in each country. The world economy will resemble more and more the United States economy where each of the large corporations tends to spread over the entire continent and to penetrate almost every nook

  • Impact Of Mass Tourism

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    According to Tribe article, “Tourism is not an old subject of research and activity in universities, but despite its relative youth, it has already generated substantial amounts of knowledge. For example Annals of Tourism Research has been producing articles since 1973. The number of specialist research journals stands at over 50 and a recent search of the CABI(Center for Agriculture and Biosciences International) abstract service revealed the existence of around 50,000 items (mainly articles but

  • Essay On Plastic Pollution

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    Our world’s coastlines and oceans are becoming more and more severely saturated with polluted plastics every day. These plastic pollutants present themselves with much diversity and can range from microscopic debris to large and obstructive macroplastics. In regards to the amount and concentration of plastics in a given region, this data can be rather difficult to accurately quantify due to the sheer scope and mobility of the debris. Plastic is still a relatively new technology, with mass production

  • Siemens Strategic Management Strategy

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    diversified service business and also by strengthening its position in the booming markets of emerging countries. The entrepreneurial vision contains all of those strategic factors. As a leader in electrical engineering, it was a major force of industrialization. Their leading spirit is the reason of their global powerhouse they are nowadays. And they are moving towards breaking a new ground in energy efficiency, the key of intelligent infrastructure, industrial productivity, affordable and customer-oriented

  • Democracy And Democracy

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    oil-exporting countries, although they are part of the developing countries, they have higher GNP levels than some developed capitalist countries, yet they are undemocratic, suggesting that broad-based economic growth includes a high level of industrialization may contribute to democratization, and the richness of oil sales does not lead to that transformation. Oil revenues accumulate in the country, thus increasing the power and bureaucracy of their

  • Essay On Dolphins

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    Every year, thousands of innocent dolphins are brutally killed. If they somehow manage to escape the odds of being murdered, Dolphins typically lose their lives accidentally, due to industrialization, which is steadily on the rise. No matter where they turn, Dolphins face life-risking danger. Humans often forget to look below the surface, while they are fixated on their daily lives above water. They are oblivious to the amount of harm they are aimlessly causing to an animal that plays a huge role

  • Chesapeake Bay Pros And Cons

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    $1.144 trillion from industries such as seafood and recreational. Being the largest estuary in the United States it is an extremely important natural resource; however, as the population along the bay’s watershed has grown to 17.9 million and industrialization has occurred, the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay has quickly gone down. Currently, the Chesapeake Bay has a rating of 32 out of 100. The depletion in quality derives from the increase of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediments being deposited