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  • Gena Village Case Study

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    EMERGING MARKET INSTITUTE _____________________________________________________________________________________ Thesis Submitted to Beijing Normal University In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Professional degree of International Masters of Business Administration By: Johnny Mek Kolkia Thesis Supervisor: Professor Hu Biliang 15th July 2015 OUTLINE

  • Exchange Rate Policy In Nigeria Case Study

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    CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY Nigeria, the most populous black nation in western Africa is popularly known for her dominant source of revenue, crude oil with oil revenue as the main stay of the Nigerian economy, volatility in the price of oil are to a large extent of prime interest to economist. According to Adeniyi et al (2004), exchange rate appreciate in response to rising oil prices and depreciates in response to falling oil prices in oil producing exporting

  • Fundamental Analysis In Economics

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    CHAPTER 4 FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Fundamental analysis is the study of economic, industry, and company conditions in an effort to determine the value of a company's stock. Here we look at a business from the basic or fundamental financial level. This type of analysis examines key ratios of a business to determine its financial health and thus we get a clear idea about the real value of its stock. Fundamental analysis typically focuses on key statistics in a company's financial statements to determine

  • Enron Corporation: The Agency Theory Of Corporate Governance

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    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study In the aftermath of Johnson Matthey Bankers’, Enron Corporation, WorldCom incorporated failure and a good number of other corporate financial scandals, issues of corporate governance became the focus of public discussion, as poor governance practice was identified as a major contributor to most of the failures. Furthermore, the tragic event of the Russian financial scandal and Asian financial

  • Plant Genetic Resources In Agriculture

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    The ever increasing demand for food and other basic needs has put a lot of pressure on the plant genetic resources (PGR) and diversity particularly in agricultural sector in terms of addressing the accompanied challenges associated with increasing crop productivity. The utilization of PGR in agriculture has not only brought about profound changes in the crop productivity and quality, but has also opened up newer and unforeseen potential vistas including improvement of novel traits by domestication

  • Indian Education In India

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    CHAPTER - I INTRODUCTION “History has come to a stage when the moral man, the complete man, is more and more giving way, almost without knowing it, to make room for the commercial man, the man of limited purpose. This process aided by the wonderful progress in science, is assuming gigantic proportion and power causing the upset of man’s moral balance, obscuring his human side under the shadow of soul-less organization.”- Rabindranath Tagore, Nationalism, 1917. Aristotle felt that the purpose of