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  • Economic Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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    unsafe and crude working conditions, child labor, and bad living conditions from most of the factories negatively affected the quality of life for the average worker as a result of the advent of the industrial revolution. Before the period of industrialization, was the commercial and scientific revolution. The commercial

  • Californian Bungalow Architecture

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    Architecture has always had a way of changing, molding, morphing into new styles or designs, and sometimes reviving the past with new features. Architecture that was commissioned and built in California during the late 19th century was based on the romantic, spanish-mexican colonial period. Entering the 19th century, the style morphed into the early Arts and Crafts movement with pieces still remaining from the past. Early on, architects such as Julia Morgan took this new Arts and Crafts movement

  • The Pros And Cons Of Public Order Policing

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    Policing, like liberal democracy, is dialogical. It is a relation between representatives of a state authority and denizens of a political community. The nature of this relationship is fundamental to the effective and proper application of order maintenance resources. Its nurturance requires visible observance to norms, including adherence to the rule of law by both parties. Where either party is widely perceived to be out of step with requirements of a civil dialogue, the status of the relationship

  • Infrastructure Development In The Philippines Case Study

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    According to this book, Philippines has attained important achievements in infrastructure development, particularly in terms of access to infrastructure services by the population. Despite these achievements, the overall state of infrastructure in the country has not kept up with rapid population growth and urbanization, and has emerged as a key impediment to the Philippines’ economic competitiveness. In addition, it says that Philippines had become competitive in the past years and has been one

  • Theories Of Modernization Theory

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    Development has been defined as bringing about sustained improvement in the well-being of the individual and bestowing benefits on all. Although historically development was usually employed to refer to economic development, nowadays it refers more often to human development, a holistic concept that encompasses governance, health care, education, poverty reduction, gender equality, infrastructures, sustainability, etc. Development should be distinguished from disaster relief or humanitarian aid.

  • Summary: The New Nationalism

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    Roosevelt’s speech inspired many Americans as well as few conservatives to strive for progressive reform and end the corruption of large corporates over industries. Such corruption led to the downward mobility of many citizens, especially lower classmen who struggled to achieve financial stability in a corrupt society, where the majority of the population consisted of poor Americans who worked for low wages. “The New Nationalism” speech emphasizes the importance of the common welfare and how reform

  • The Misconceptions In Ken Balcomb's War Of The Whales

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    War of the Whales is not only a novel, it is a porthole into understanding the complex systems of marine life and the detrimental consequences that follow human activities. The novel portrays two men, oceanographer Ken Balcomb and his environmental attorney Joel Reynolds on their complex mission to expose the American Navy’s direct association with the unexplained mass strandings of whales in the Bahaman Islands. The novel reveals how national security and the need to safeguard the ocean environment

  • John Paul 2 Dbq

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    Introduction Sollicitudo rei socialis(on social concern) of John Paul II is an encyclical letter which was issued in December 1987. This is the seventh encyclical letter of Pope John Paul II. It was issued to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Paul VI’s encyclical letter on the development, Populorum progression. Indeed, as Paul VI’s letter, John Paul’s document focuses on the issue of human development. John Paul when he looks back twenty years after the publication of Populorum progressio

  • Impact Of Work Culture On Work Performance

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    IMPACT OF WORK CULTURE ON MOTIVATION: AN OVERVIEW IN INDIAN PERSPECTIVE Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh K. Yadav1, Dr. Shriti Singh2 1Professor & Director, School of Management, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal (M.P.) 2Associate Professor, Maharana Pratap College of Management, Bhopal (M.P.) Email -:, Abstract: Employee attributes relate to the capacity to perform, employee inclination to put in work effort relates to willingness or motivation to perform

  • Secularism And Secularism

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    theory borrows similar aspects from modernization theory and assumes five critical aspects that help explain natural occurrence of the predicted demise of religion. The first assumption is that modernization is a casual engine that includes industrialization, urbanization, and rationalism. It is important to note that secularization theory is not the separation of church and state rather it’s the privatization of taking religion of the public sphere. The theory also asserts that science significantly