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  • Environmental Issues In Bhutan

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    With the continuing rapid pace of socio-economic development, there are emerging challenges for our environmental obligations in the government's constitutional mandate to "secure ecologically balanced sustainable development, while promoting justifiable economic and social development". Periodic reporting on the State of the Environment informs our citizens and also helps the government in this mandate by identifying emerging issues and recommending effective actions. To address environmental issues

  • Milk Value Chain

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    smallholders in the chain. This will contribute to the overall regional and national efforts aimed at poverty reduction and food security and subsequently fostering development in the country’s strategy framework of agricultural development led-industrialization. Moreover, it can be used as a reference document, especially, by those interested in milk marketing in the district. Data analysis Both qualitative and quantitative data analysis will be carried out. Most of the data will be analyzed using

  • The Consequences Of Environmental Pollution

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    biological food web that are visible only over long time phases [1-3]. Until relatively recently in humanity's history, where pollution has existed, it has been predominantly a native problem. The introduction of motorized vehicles, enormous industrialization of the society and the explosion of the human population, however, have instigated an exponential

  • Environmental Injustice In Christian Parenti's Tropic Of Chaos

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    Environmental injustice is caused by a plethora of environmental problems. From a global perspective one can look at the real life examples illustrated in Christian Parenti’s Tropic of Chaos. This region of the world gets its name from the violence that takes place as a result of environmental problems. Parenti asks the question, “Who killed Ekaru Loruman?”. Loruman lived in Africa, the Pokot killed an area greatly affected by Peripheral status, in a raid. In an attempt to replenish stocks the young

  • How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect China

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    Introduction For many decades, China has always been technologically and economically ahead of Europe. The invention of gunpowder, printing, and the compass started in China and was later dispersed throughout Europe. These inventions changed China as much as they changed Europe. These inventions also caused a gap between China and Europe. By the late 18th century, industrial revolution first started its spread from Europe.The transformations within Europe began to further accelerate while China

  • What Factors Affect Democracy

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    Introduction If we look at the data of 17 countries that come under the democratic regime of Latin America, it is evident that the dissatisfaction is a positive sign because this shows that the young are brave enough to raise their voices and express their opinions. Some literature says that this dissatisfaction will remain for a few decades because of the uneven economic progress in the Latin American countries but there will come a time when the necessity of democracy will be realized and hence

  • Importance Of Environmental Sustainability

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    stem from these childhood moments. My parents still live in the same house, yet olive gardens are replaced by apartments; snakes, turtles and hedgehogs disappeared long ago. Disappointed deeply, I strongly believed that it was urbanization and industrialization that harmed environment, and as years progressed I realized that it is rather our ideas for growth negligent of nature, environment and future of next generations which is the real threat. When it was time for undergraduate studies, I ranked

  • Streetcar Named Desire Research Paper

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    Vintage may be the hipster trend nowadays, but brand new is always better. In today’s society the next best thing has always trumped leftovers of last season. This conflict between old and new can be shown in “Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams. He writes about an aging “Southern Belle” with traditional viewpoints who conflicts with her sister’s husband who represents more modern ideals. According to Williams the play is about “the ravishment of the tender, the sensitive, and the delicate

  • Big Ideas Vs. Events: North American Revolution

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    Sarah Isse Blk 3, Heimlich 02-02-15 Big Idea’s V Events: North American Revolution: 1754-1781 The North American revolution was a political conflict between the 13 colonies and Great Britain, where the American Colonies rejected the English monarchy and overthrew the Great Britains authority. THe revolution was result of a series of political, social, as well as intellectual transformations that took place during this era. The North American Revolution is significant because it established the

  • Les Misèrables: Life Of An Average Citizen In The Working Class

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    Les Misèrables is a film that depicts the life of an average citizen in the working and middle class. Industrialization helped the spread of liberalism because of the middle class. The middle class wanted representation in their government. They started convincing the lower class, that they should have the right to vote. The French people then wanted to have more power in the government, thus showing their national pride they have for France. Industrialism, nationalism, and liberalism were