Factors Influencing Delay Marriage Essay

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Factors influencing the delayed marriage were divided into their similarities and differences between countries of Malaysia and Singapore. First about the similarities are gender stereotyping especially for females, publicity given to marital discord in the media showing the increasing in term of divorce cases, finance consideration (the economics of marriage), rising education (homogamy, marriage market rigidities), men are marrying foreign wives and cohabitation. Gender stereotyping have influenced women’s decision not to marry to avoid assuming onerous multiple roles as worker, wife, mother and daughter in law. Women face the brunt of problems of raising a family, and in particular the opportunity costs of interrupted career development. Neither the labour market conditions, employer and co-worker attitudes, nor the husbands attitudes make it easy for women to combine full-time work with raising a…show more content…
Freedom and independence present an attractive point of view to many single Singaporeans compared to Malaysian as majority of Malaysian still wishing to get married. Singaporean more likely to give priority to career advancement, financial stability and material success than to marriage. To them, marriage is only considered after a stable career has been established. In this era of globalization, a competitive global economy demands long face issues of work pressures including very long hours of work; dedicated themselves to careers, often work overtime and sometimes had to take work home to do outside the office hours. Singapore work culture and especially long working hours are a hindrance to active social life and efficient dating. As Singapore is more urbanization than Malaysia, whereas Malaysia still trying to figure out a way to balance their work and daily life activities to avoid abandon their social life and dating or even their marriage

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