Why Is Jesus Christ Important

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What makes a person important? People in history are defined by who they are. They not only were defined by who they were but also by what they did. Certain people played an important role throughout all of history. One person who played a very important role during his time was Jesus Christ. He not only made an impact because he was important but also because of who he was, what he did, the time period he lived in, and why he was important. Jesus Christ was a man who Christians claim to have been the son of God. There was not a lot about his physical appearance however, the time and the area he would have been a middle eastern male who probably had a beard. He was born in Bethlehem of Judea. He was the earthly son of Mary and Joseph. He was the spiritual son of God. Jesus was a carpenter and messenger of the Heavenly father. While he was alive he did several things. Some of the things he did included miracles,…show more content…
His miracles were as simple as turning water into wine to being as difficult as raising someone from the dead. He taught the world that he was here to fulfill a prophecy and to preach and cast the judgements of the Lord on him. He also was there to save the world. He believed that the world needed to be saved from sin and from themselves. He started his journey as a 12 year old kid who was in the temple always learning. There was not a lot documented about the early stages of his life. Between the years 25-27 AD, Jesus was baptized by John, tempted in the wilderness by Satan, preformed at least five miracles, had four fisherman follow him, had the people in his hometown try to kill him, and began his first preaching trip through Galilee. When he was born he stood out because he was the only man to be born from a virgin. He also stands out because of so many people following him or hating him. The last years of his life he spent

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