Summary Of Christopher Columbus: The Guilty Of Truth

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History is often guilty of distorting facts and forgetting people. When I was in elementary school, I learned that Christopher Columbus was a hero who discovered the new world; but, as research has shown, Columbus was a slave trader, thief, and murderer (Tinker, Freeland). We have all heard of Paul Revere and his heroic “Midnight Ride” when he shouted, “The British are coming! The British are coming!” However, Revere actually stated, “The Regulars are coming out” (Fischer 109). My point here is to demonstrate that history gets altered and is often incorrect. Historians recognize the reality; but, the public seems to get lost in fact versus fiction and reality versus fantasy. History recognizes the role of Paul Revere and William Dawes as the…show more content…
The American colonists were irate and ready to take action against the British government. The colonists had felt the burden of the British taxes and decrees. In October 1774, the Continental Congress issued The Articles of Association 1774, which was an almost universal ban on the import or export of goods from or to Britain (The Articles of Association 1774). In The Articles, the Congress expressed its “deepest anxieties” with British policies (The Articles of Association 1774). In the year 1775, tensions had reached a new boiling point, British troops were in the country and prepared to defend the throne. In David Hacket Fischer’s historical text, Paul Revere’s Ride, he details the important events that lead to the American Revolution focusing primarily on the events prior to, during, and after Revere’s legendary ride. We all are familiar with the story; it is ingrained in nearly every American’s mind. On April 18th, 1775 Paul Revere embarked on his famous ride alerting Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the British, or as he said the “regulars,” were coming. What is not as well known is that Revere is simply the best known of three American

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