Detective-Suspense Analysis

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By using an omniscient narrator, TV series could enable audience to know more than characters, which creates Thriller-Suspense. Like in the case when Joyce is about to be killed, the audience can see the white shadow emerging from his back yet the character could not. “Secret”-Suspense and Detective-Suspense can also be created in the narration adopted omniscient Narrator strategy, yet omniscient Narrator is not the main reason to create these suspense. 5.1.2 Deviating from Chronological Order By deviating from chronological order, “Secret”-Suspense can be created due to the fact that the audience could have insufficient information of the previous event, yet the involved characters could know it well. For instance, when the characters doubt whether the Wildlings are dead, without information about previous event, it is impossible for audience to judge this issue by themselves, yet many relative information is known by the characters, which creates “Secret”-Suspense. When both the character and the audience do not have the information about previous event and want to find out what happened in the past, Detective-Suspense can also be created. For example, when the characters want to find out what kills the Wildlings and the audience also have no idea of it, Detective-Suspense is created. Thriller-Suspense can exist when deviating from chronological order…show more content…
Like the case that the character is about to find out what is over there. In a story following chronological order, it is hard to make audience know more about characters and creates Thriller-Suspense, the only possible reason is by adopting omniscient narrator. “Secret”-Suspense can be created since there could be some information about previous events known by the characters yet that information is not so important

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