Gone Girl Film Analysis

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Historical facts tells us about what had happened in the past and most often, the sources of these information come from a specific context, containing their own interpretations of an event. These historical accounts are greatly limited in providing an accurate representation of reality, and thus should not be simply perceived as true and unbiased historical facts without critical evaluation. Films such as Rashomon, Gone Girl, and Memento have explored issues regarding facts and their context in interpreting events in history. Concerns such as unreliable narrators, subjectivity in perception, media reality, and limitations of memory have been brought up and will be further discussed. In all the 3 films mentioned above, unreliable narrator…show more content…
The film initially portrays Amy’s narration as the victim, and then goes on to objectively reveal Amy’s scheme as the perpetrator. This shows how the context and viewpoint of the way an event/ history is presented could distort what had actually taken…show more content…
In the film Gone Girl, the media played a big role in reporting the news on Amy’s disappearance. The whole story that was presented via the media was ultimately false. Despite so, the public believe that the whole façade was the truth. This may be due to the fact that newspapers/ news reports are largely seen as a reliable primary source of information. It is also a source of history, as a record of what took place around the community and also globally. However as mass media firms become more profit driven, it might lead to the possibility of portraying facts in a more sensationalised manner to attract viewership, which may in turn distort the actual truth. In the case of Gone Girl, Amy’s disappearance received great news coverage and the news media had portrayed it as a possibility of kidnapping or murder, both which are sensational events about crime. It can also be seen by how the facts used by the media could be bias when presenting the event. An example could be the selfie of Nick smiling with a woman while his wife is still missing, which was analysed and interpreted by the media as a sociopath. This shows that although facts told by the media seem to be a credible source in recording history, they are merely providing another different interpretation of events. Hence, media reality may not necessarily be without untruths, it could just be the presentation of

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