Essential Elements Of A Thesis Statement

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The most important part of a thesis statement is that it clearly represents what the paper is going to be about. While a thesis statement is usually the essential part of the paper, it can change. It is important to have a clear thesis before you start writing. A thesis statement is usually one sentence, but can vary depending on the complexity of the subject. While writing your thesis statement, it is important to remember that you don’t want to have just a topic, but instead haven an opinion on the topic. Your job is to sway the audience reading the paper. However, you don’t want a very broad opinion either. In a thesis, you want an opinion that focuses on a specific idea rather than a broad spectrum. Depending on what the thesis is, the next step is to show what support will follow. You will guide the audience on if you’re for or against the thesis statement. Depending on the support chosen to follow up the thesis…show more content…
An evolving thesis breaks down the main thesis topic into multiple groups, very similar to a bullet point presentation. By doing this, the author is slowly allowing the reader to come around to their side of the argument, usually ensuring that the audience will be swayed by the end of the paper. It is especially helpful when the thesis is complex, and by using the evolving thesis, it allows the reader to get involved with the paper piece by piece. Even though it seems like the evolving thesis would be the better choice, there still are some downfalls to it. One of the main reasons why some writers are against the evolving thesis is because it can sometimes come off as very disorganized and the writer may risk the chance of losing the reader. It can also come off that the writer themselves, is not entirely behind their argument. It creates doubt in the ability of the writer, and the sustenance of the

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