My Writing Autobiography

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Writing Autobiography Writing sucks. This is the conclusion I come to every time I have to write a blog, essay or story. Writing requires an immense amount effort to put words on the page and is almost always homework. Something about thinking of words, and typing them on paper or google docs was just mind numbing to me. I remember in first and second grade when we were given a notebook and a pencil and told to write a story. While I loved first and second grade, I absolutely hated writing. When the other kids would be writing beautiful stories of space invaders and puppies I was either doodling on my paper or “fake writing” where I would hide hand and move my pencil above the paper and my so it would seem like I was writing a very long story to whoever was watching me. Unfortunately my teacher saw through my facade almost instantly and would always give me one of those “angry parent” faces showing disapproval. But nothing they did could…show more content…
The special thing about fifth grade is that we would make chain stories. The most popular one was about Jacob, ramen noodles and the abominable snowman. Truly a great time in literature. On Google Docs we also made newsletters where we would say the homework from the week and other random stuff. I really liked people contributing to a story that I created and didn’t have to finish. Mr. McCallum has us write blogs. We’ve blogged about lots of cool stuff like The Stranger and Julius Caesar. I really enjoy his class because of the discussions that we have. And although I don’t like writing very much, I still value it immensely. Writing is the best way to record information so future generations can learn. Ancient Greek philosophers are still discussed in classrooms today about their contributions to modern thinking and you can’t graduate from high school without reading a Shakespearean
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