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1. Kate Harding was the author who wrote this article. Harding experience that would make her credible to this article was she was a blogger and the fact that she choose this topic to write about demonstrate that she had experienced bullying in her lifetime, and she understood both side of the argument. Many people would trust her and believe what she said because she was writing from her experience. 2. Her purpose for writing this article was that internet was not going anymore and parents should sit down with their children to talk to them about online behavior. I think this article was persuasive and it was persuading parents and educators to take action. I think what I got from the article was that Harding was not blaming cyber-bullying on the social media like most people were doing. Children treat each other bad and Face book was not causing any trouble. 3.…show more content…
I found online that Kate Harding the article in 2011 but there are any specific date. Maybe when people do blog they do not need to write the full date, but just the 2011. According to the other articles she had written, she did the same thing with them. Maybe bloggers have different rules about writing date since they are just blogging. This was not a current because this happened four years ago and things are different now, and we have laws now to protect children. At the time Harding wrote the article, there are not any big happening and i guess there were anything happening because she was just blogging about her past and her experience. Nothing important happened to relate to the article. 4. It was published on website and the reason why it was published there was many people have access to the internet nowadays. They can go to there to read about it faster. I was not surprised at where was published at because people find more article online that any other places. I am not concern about bias because of where the article was published at. I know a lot of trustworthy articles come from

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