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  • The Importance Of Tourism

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    1.0 Introduction The importance of tourism is increasing day by day. Tourism provides the foundations of foreign incomes, creation of employment, bases of both public sector and private sector income, cultural exchange, publicity of the country etc. In the 2012, the worldwide tourist visits exceeds 1.035 billion USD. Tourists spent over $1 trillion on the travel directly or indirectly, their spending was almost nine percent of the world’s GDP and six percent of its exports. Range of organizations

  • Kantipur Fresh Fruits And Juice Case Study

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    Kantipur Fresh Fruits and Juice (KFFJ) is a private organization where customers are the main priority and it focuses on employees and the profit. Its aim is profit and profit maximization, survival and growth. KFFJ was started in 2001 in Kathmandu and now has become a market Leader in Nepal and is on the rise for providing high-quality fruits and juice to its customer. They have many branches in many locations in Kathmandu and other major cities and are planning to establish partnership with international

  • Indian Oil Company Case Study

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    competitors. The engine oil of IOCL product is Rs 130/litre while Castrol cost Rs 150/litre .The products are given at 25-28% cheaper prices compared to other competitors. As the IOCL have huge profits through economies of scale. It has very less advertising cost compared to its competitors. 2. DIFFERNTIATION IOCL came out with a differentiation strategy of using agro spray, helps the fruits from getting contaminated which kills the pest by suffocating it, and it has been very low priced. The product

  • Steinway Evaluation

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    Joshua Painter 1615435 English 1304-11303 Evaluation essay of Every pianist knows the feeling of elation when they sit behind a massive grand piano and get lost in a world of music. However, increasingly more people never experience the joy of playing a real piano because of the misguided notion that pianos are old-fashioned and unimportant. Sadly, most people settle contently for the inferior capabilities of a digital keyboard or, worse even still, never attempt to play at all.

  • It's Impact: Social Media And Its Impact

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    Sonya Zawaideh Professor McBride English 004 Date: 08/02/17 Social Media and It's Impact Social media has had a considerable impact on society over the few years. Social media includes online websites that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. It has brought users of different age groups together worldwide. Some of the more popular well-known websites include Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube

  • Marketing Strategy: Acme Widget Company

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    I. PROJECT SUMMARY As Acme Widget Company has released the new type of its toy products called “Generations”, the main purpose of this project is to publicly announce the Generations in order raise its awareness positively in the public eye. Besides the project’s purposes, the project also has some specific goals that align with the purpose; therefore, those goals are: • Increasing Generations’ public awareness by 90% at the end of the year • Increasing Generations’ engagement in terms of purchases

  • Case Study 1: Zara, Netflix And Amazon Business Systems

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    DIS 620 (TEI 2014) Management Information Systems (Oct 18,2014) Case 1: Zara, Netflix and Amazon Business Systems by Efstratiou Kostandinos 1. ZARA a. General. Zara is one of the greatest global fashion companies belonging to the Spanish retail group, Inditex SA. Its founder Amancio Ortega Gaona opened its first store in A Coruña (Spain) in 1975. During the 1980s Ortega started changing the design and distribution process to react to new trends quicker. In 1988 the company started its

  • Xclusives Card Case Study

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    mouth. The fact that Exclusive is the market leader against its competitors such as Bogo and Discovery in prices, offers and market share it opens many opportunities including brand awareness and word of mouth. Actually Exclusive doesn’t make any advertising now as its depending on word of mouth to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition. Social media is a huge beneficial for Exclusive as it has its own website and Facebook page which enhances customer interaction and it also has an application

  • Establish And Adjust Marketing Mix Case Study

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    Establish and adjust the marketing mix Assessment Task 2: Project – Determine the marketing mix 1. For the new marketing opportunity and in relation to the product or service, answer the following questions? Product: Who is the product or service aimed at? Corporate customers: Gurp Logistic Company’s main target customers are the big corporates from local government, universities, public schools, etc. As these customers are long term for Gurp Logistic Company, it needs to provide the quality customer

  • Swot Analysis Of Pizza Hut

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    The environment forces that will bring either threat or opportunities to Pizza Hut included political factor,economic factor and social-cultural factor. Firstly, in social-cultural factor, Pizza hut found that every countries have their own belief and religion.For example in India,the Indian people don’t eat beef because they think that the beef is divinity, moreover than that according to a survey shows that more than 30% of Indian are vegetarian , hence, when the pizza hut first enter into the