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Calvin Klein is known and publicized worldwide for his trendy line of menswear and womenswear. Because Klein’s ideas for fashion were always recognized as admirable, his personal life and success is never present in the media. Klein was born on November 19, 1942, in Bronx, New York. As soon as Klein realized he had a passion for fashion, he studied fashion and apprenticed for a suit manufacturer. In 1968, his company “Calvin Klein Inc.” had been established. At first, he had been recognized for his line of formalwear, but as time progressed his sportswear line truly took to the public. This was only the beginning of the success his company would shortly encounter. As soon as Klein became familiar with his talents and ideas for fashion,…show more content…
It wasn’t too long after, Klein had been noticed as a genius in his field of fashion and became awarded and honoured for his success. This was advantageous for Klein because his awards are what made the public realize of his true passion and ideas for fashion. The public started to realize his designs were revolutionary and portrayed as high quality because of his honourable recognition for fashion. In 1970, Klein was presented with the COTY award and was honoured with the prize for the next three consecutive years. By 1977, less than ten years after the brand was established, Calvin Klein Inc. was generating revenues of $30 million a year. During the 1970s, Klein had revolutionized fashion advertising. As soon as Klein launched his jeans range (the original designer jeans), his advertising techniques hit the spotlight. His new range struck the public as a “must have” because of the wholesome, sexy and practical the advertisement shown the new line of jeans possessed. Not to mention the celebrity model, Brooke Shields was the model of the revolutionary advertisement. In 1982, Klein introduced the revolutionary range of men’s underwear. This was the first time that men’s underwear had been noticed as being desirable instead of functional. During the 1980s Klein had undoubtably enlisted in the “International Best Dressed List” and won several awards from the “Councils of Fashion Designs of America.” Klein had also won the “Council of Fashion Designer of the Year Award.” He had won the award on the terms of his outstanding design in both women's and men’s. This was again described as revolutionary because he was the first designer to win both categories in the same

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