Hong Kong Doll Case Study

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Goal 3: To further expand the market share rate of frozen food in Hong Kong and China Objective: The market share of “Doll” is 25.2% in total Hong Kong frozen dim sum market. Although the company is the second largest frozen dim sum Company in Hong Kong, the rates of market share in China still very low, only major city in Hong Kong can buy the food in supermarket and the company need to further expand the market share rate in both Hong Kong and China. Strategy plan: The market share rate of frozen dim sum in Hong Kong is 25.2%, it is only the second largest frozen dim sum company in Hong Kong. “Doll” is the longest time of buildup of the brand. But the market share rate is not the highest. As a result, the company needs to expand the market…show more content…
The company can do research to find out the preference of public and development different type of products. The research can be collected by questionnaire, food sampling. After the Company gather statistics from the questionnaire, Company can found out the direction can be follow in the future. Goal 7: To build up a physical retail store Objective: There is no physical retail store of “Doll”, people bought the products of “Doll” through third-party suppliers. Strategy plan: People can found out to buy product from third party distributors only, but the product choice of the third party distributors is not contain all products of Doll brand. It will affect the choice to the consumer if the products are not complete. If the Company builds up a physical retail store, people can buy the frozen dim sum directly. The Products will more complete compare with the third party distributors. And Company can earn more money because sale to third party distributors can only earn the wholesale price and the physical store can earn retail price. The Company can build up a physical retail store in business place or near school. It will be more concentrated to sale product to teenage and worker. Goal 8: To vertical integration of food raw

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