The Pros And Cons Of Gay Advertising

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Homosexuality is being discussed since last couple of decades in media coverage, political debate and through targeted advertising and marketing. Targeting homosexuality is not a new phenomenon, it stems back to the industrialized Revolution, which triggered development (D’Emilio, 1983), Branchik (2002). However, it has always been challenging to determine an accurate size of the homosexual population and it continues to be difficult to determine (Gates, 2011). Likewise, in a society where biasness and culture of shame are extensively being used, it is highly probable that people from different minorities groups are not ready reveal their sexual orientation (Fejes & Lennon, 2000; Meyer & Wilson, 2009; Witeck & Combs, 2006). Although, dates…show more content…
For instant, Okaenfull and Greenlee (2005), stated an advertising ad in two widely dispersed gay magazines such as Out and The Advocate will reach only 3% of totally gay population. Due to the given situation, marketers have always been worried to promote their product on mainstream media to target homosexual consumers (Oakenfull and Greenlee 2005). However, heterosexual consumers react negatively to the ad representing homosexual consumer compared to the one which represent heterosexual (Bhat, Leigh, and Wardlow 1999). To cope up this issue, marketers came up with different strategies. For example, gay window advertisement, which allows marketers to remain unmarked by straight consumers and to be spotted by the LGBT community (Clark 2000; Rohlinger 2002; Schroeder and Borgerson 2003; Borgerson et al. 2006). Apart from gay window advertisement, marketers are also using implicit gay imagery, for instant symbolism and gay iconography (Pen˜aloza 1996; Grier and Brumbaugh 1999). In addition, (Eisend, Plagemann and Sollwedel 2014), delineated the role of humor in gender stereotyped advertising and uncovered that humor can be used to mitigate negative effect in stereotyped

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