Basic Concepts Of Advertising Essay

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BASIC CONCEPTS OF ADVERTISING Meaning of Advertising – According to Layman- Advertising is one of the most visible elements in providing information about products, service & idea. A product which is advertised properly helps in the purchase decision for the target audience as it helps the buyer in the market to judge it. The branding, quality and features of the product are all shown through advertisements which help the buyers to make their decision bout the product. Definition of Advertising – The most basic, simplest & the broadest way to define it can be found in its Latin origin, ad verter which means ‘to turn the minds towards’ or ‘to draw attention to’. Simply put something that is done purposefully to attract or catch attention. Advertising is a form of mass communication and expected to create a brand image & build brands. It is tool of marketing. To reach the masses, advertising has to buy space & time in one or more media of mass communication such as television, newspapers or magazines. We can define advertising in one line as - • It is a form of mass communication. • It is powerful marketing tool. • It is component of economic system. • It is source of revenue generation • It is social responsibility. • It is an art form. • It is an instrument of business management. • It is a field of employment. • It is a profession. • It…show more content…
Billboard advertising is very popular, but they have to be very creative, catchy and pleasing to be able to grab the attention of people. Kiosks are an easy outlet for the company’s products and also act as effective advertising tools for promotion of the products of the company. Organizing and sponsoring events also makes for an excellent advertising opportunity. The company can organize fairs and exhibitions for advertising their products and other several events that are closely associated with their

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