John Dicker's Worthy Advertising

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In addition to the negative ways in which advertising makes consumers feel about themselves, it also is used to falsely advertise a company’s image. For example, John Dicker, a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Nation and Salon, argues in his book, The United States of Wal-Mart, how corporations have falsely advertised themselves as the “good guy” to the public in order to appeal to them. In this book, he focuses on Wal-Mart specifically. Wal-Mart claims that they provide quality jobs, but Dicker argues that there are always news about union strikes or other employee problems with the store, such as “2,000 illegal immigrants working for subminimum wages as janitors; lawsuits in twenty-eight states alleging unpaid overtime on behalf…show more content…
With their advertising methods, companies send out a message to consumers that this is the kind of lifestyles or standards you need to have in order to be acceptable and fit in with society. This can also affect the ways in which we view each other. For instance, we start to view ourselves as less than others because we do not look a specific way or own fancy and expensive clothing. Like the Barbie dolls Ann duCille discussed about in her article, advertising a perfect doll can result in negative thoughts about oneself because we do not share similar traits. Then people will strive to look like that and there would be no diversity or individuality anymore. In addition to that, advertising branded products results with the same outcomes. There is no need to buy branded clothing just because everyone else is. Companies make consumers think that they should, but they really do not have…show more content…
We should stop following what companies tell us to do or buy when they say it is supposedly the correct way. By purchasing products like Barbie dolls or branded products, we expose our children and ourselves to corporation greed. This means that companies will do all that they can in order to sell their products and we become victims to these kinds of things. In addition to that, when we buy products, we are also showing the companies and other people that this kind of negative advertising is okay. This kind of response opts everyone to follow along and that is something we should fix. Even if you do not agree with the message that a company is advertising, by continuing to purchase products from the companies, it still means that you are supporting

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