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  • Nescaco Ad Analysis

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    hot colors, showing the image of fire and creating a feeling of excitement and strength. The logos, advertisements, and restaurant menus typically feature these colors, resulting in a research indicated that hot colors will deliver the highest advertising effectiveness in the field. The hot color gives people a sense of appetite and appetite. Many restaurants and fast food chains use only red and yellow in their ads. Typically, McDonald's and that's why they used this method for their ad. Beside

  • Carls Jr Case Study

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    1.0 Introduction: About The Company Figure 1: Carl’s Jr.’s Logo Carl’s Jr. is a world-renowned fast food chain that was founded by a young married couple, Carl and Margaret Karcher, in 1941 in California, United States. It all began when they decided to take the risk and buy a hot dog cart at $326 by borrowing $311 against their automobile and another $15 from their savings. Fortunately, their little business grew to four hot dog carts after just a few years before finally opening their

  • Coca Cola Marketing Strategy Essay

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    MARKETING STRATEGIES OF COCA COLA AND PEPSI CO History of Coca Cola Coca Cola was started in may 8,1886 by Dr .John Permberton. First Coca cola glass was sale for 5 percent in 1886. First bottle was sold in 1916. Coca cola company of Atlanta (USA)is registered in US since March 27,1944. SWOT analysis of coca cola STRENGTH • Popularity • Strong marketing • A lot of finance • Customer loyalty • CSR • World’s largest share in beverages WEAKNESSESS • Health issues • Significant focus on carbonated

  • Case Study: Uniqlo

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    Introduction Uniqlo is a Japanese brand and Asia’s biggest clothing retailer, as well as the third most pro table fashion brand in the world, only behind industry rivals Zara and H&M (Industry Ranking, 2017).This brand targets a wide range of consumers and promotes timeless fashion to them. In just two decades, Uniqlo grew from a single suburban retail outlet in Hiroshima, Japan, to the fashion behemoth that it is today, with agship stores in every major global city (Lee, 2016). Despite the global

  • Sexism In Advertising

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    demonstrate how Warner’s bra advertisement body shames women into conforming to what men find attractive, in addition to showing men what they should find attractive in women by using advertising techniques like hyperbole and fear factors. This is an advertisement by Warner’s which is a bra making company and they were advertising their new “Little Fibber” bra alongside their Concentrate girdle. The

  • Media In Social Media

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    To resolve the gap between awareness and rural population, Government of India strategically developed a plan to give emphasis on interpersonal communication at grassroots level. As part of this strategy motivators can be engaged at the village level for demand creation and taking up behaviour change communication. The motivator can be given suitable incentive from the funds earmarked for IEC. The incentives performance based i.e. in terms of motivating the number of households and schools/ Anganwadis

  • Celebrity Endorsement Case Study

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    A STUDY TO MEASURETHE IMPACT OF CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT OVER BUYING BEHAVIOR OF CUSTOMERS Ms. Sushmeet Kaur Assistant Professor, Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi (New Delhi)-110021 (India) & Ms. Shilpa (Corresponding Author) Assistant Professor, Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi (New Delhi)-110021 (India) ABSTRACT The study aims to measure the buying behavior of the customers towards the celebrity endorsed products. The study

  • Employee Welfare System Case Study

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    Employees' welfare system is not specialised enough. Tencent Games should perfect its employee welfare system, here are reasons for doing this: • to attract skilled applicants • to keep current talented workers • to strengthen the power of unity • to motivate employees to put much effort into their jobs Strategic proposals to close employee-related design gaps: It is well known that Tencent has a very nice welfare plan to its employees such as interest-free loans for the first payment of housing

  • Symbolism In Advertising

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    invented the advertising man made use of them to give publicity to his merchandise. We find advertisements engraved on walls and tombs, written on parchment and papyrus, and printed by the first printing presses. Although these various forms of advertising were employed, but little thought and care seem to have been expended upon them. Postells, painted signs, street-car placards, booklets, calendars, almanacs, handbills, magazine and newspaper advertising have now become forms of advertising so well

  • Ethical Issues In Marketing

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    Direct emails and TV infomercials are examples. Electronic junk and telemarketing drive the boundaries of ethics and legitimacy more sturdily (Irwin, 2015). Deceiving Advertising and morals Misleading promotion is not precise to a certain market, it can at a time go unseen by the community. There are several ways it can be presented to the general population, this is by the use of comicality which provides a reprieve of