Uniqlo Recruitment Strategy

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This report is on preparing Uniqlo’s first global flagship store in Singapore by introducing and implementing new recruitment and selection strategies for the two positions which are marketing manager and accountant. Job design and job specifications for these two job positions will be stated in the report. These new strategies for recruitment and selection will enables Uniqlo to achieve their mission, vision and co-operate objectives which are “Made For All”, “We will become the world’s number one casual clothing company by targeting 30% annual growth in sales and profit” and “Changing clothes. Changing conventional wisdom. Change the world” (Fast retailing company, 2016). Also, new strategies on retaining and motivating of employees which…show more content…
Recruitment and selection strategy Uniqlo is facing fierce competition in fashion retailing market, every decision making in every stages of Uniqlo has to be correct and fit the organisation. Recruitment which means to search for and obtain potential job candidates in good quality, is very important as selection will only be successful when good recruitment strategies have been implemented (Bearwell J and Thompson A. 2010). With good recruitment strategy, Uniqlo is able to gain competitive advantage by identifying potential gaps or areas of weakness ahead of time so they don’t become major issues and recruiting high quality employees will boost Uniqlo’ efficiency. Also, good recruitment strategies will make sure that everyone in Uniqlo is organised in the approach to staffing needs and help avoid potential issues (Frontline Health Australia Pty Ltd,2016). Bad recruitment strategy will leave the organisation with low-quality candidates and end up with limited choices to fill the open position. With employees that are below the performance bench-mark of the organisation, Uniqlo will lose out to its’ competitors…show more content…
The two proposed job positions will be marketing manager and accountant, which both play an important role in Uniqlo. The proposed recruitment strategies will be using of newspaper, online job-posting websites and head hunters. In these three strategies, candidates will get an idea of Uniqlo’s background and what it will be like to work for Uniqlo. Job designs and job specifications and the way to apply for these job positions. Marketing manager The job design will be:  Develop concepts that generate customer interest and promote messages through a diverse variety of media  Conduct corporate and recruitment branding to convey the attractiveness of UNIQLO as a place to work  Sensitive new technology and fashion  Salary will be starting from $7,000 SGD a month, bonus provided  Working hours will be 10 hours, Over time pay

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