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  • Mcdonalds And Children: Mcdonald's Impact On Children

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    packaging from McDonald's, seems to children six times more attractive than the same products in conventional packaging. These are the results of a study conducted at Stanford University. The study was conducted to assess the impact of McDonald’s advertising on the minds of children of preschool age. It was found that children believe food tastes better if they think that it has been made by a large company with well-known

  • Effects Of Mass Media

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    Looking back at the history it is clearly understood that every part of people’s life: politics, economics, nature, society and culture were changed. One of the most significant changes in the communication area was the end of the era when people were just passive consumers of information and the beginning of the era when they play an important role in communication between mass media and its audience. Nowadays people are not afraid to declare their thoughts and opinions about the future of media

  • Fiji Water Case Study

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    Submitted by: Gaurav Khurana Roll No. 2902 Fiji Water Case Fiji water case is about creating and maintaining competitive advantage. It’s about building “Fiji Water” as a brand, practices followed to build it, problems faced by the brand and its sustainability. So to analyze this case I would be dividing it into three parts: Part A. Fiji’s brand building process by applying concepts. Fiji water’s brand image in consumers mind is categorized as ‘premium bottled water’. This image has been created with

  • FIFA Scandal Case Study

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    Lessons from the FIFA Scandal: Risk Exposure and Future Protections The global appetite for football has seen sponsors battling to be associated with the game, and consequently with Federation International de Football Association (FIFA). The deals with FIFA are usually lucrative and a profitable. However, with the scandals, a sponsor associating itself with FIFA is at a high risk of losing its reputation in the global market. FIFA’s recent corruption and bribery scandal has elicited debate on issues

  • Btl Communication Strategy

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    Below the Line (BTL) in organization business and marketing communications is a marketing technique, that companies are useing to sell products. Targeting a niche market using the BTL communication means.By BTL communication (promotion), you can build brand awareness through the sale or use all of the drives, and more personal way to provide an opportunity for the audience to personalize their marketing messages interactions by BTL. BTL promotions give a return of valuable information on marketing

  • Elements Of Designing A Brand Identity

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    The designing of a brand identity The project of designing a brand identity include several tasks. One of the task is also to design the brand logo. Building the brand identity is an uphill task and at times quite demanding too. However, what keeps the designing firms going is the satisfaction of providing the final product to a customer and making sure that they are satisfied. Main elements of designing a brand identity • Brand: A good ‘Brand name’ is very important for every business. The fact

  • The Importance Of The Mass Media

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    But what is ‘Mass Media’? Mass Media is using media technologies to reach a large audience by mass communication. This allows lots of opportunity for large corporal business to advertise their product to large amount of people compared to other advertising opportunity. That raise another question, is this really important?

  • The Pros And Cons Of Google Adwords

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    campaign starts with attracting customers and prospects. So how do you attract potential prospects and customers for your business? One way to do this is to invest in Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a form of advertising online that allows advertisers like you to display some advertising copy online based on the keywords searched by the internet users. In short, Google Adwords allow the business owners a quick and efficient way to maket to potential customers. The great thing about Google Adwords

  • Newspaper Collapse In Newspaper

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    exist. Because most online publications display stories that are not fully examined, people are not accurately informed about the news of their community. The beneficial relationship that newspaper companies and other companies had with regards to advertising will not be the same as the factor of CPM (cost per thousand) is heavily emphasized now and influences what publications will do to attain a large audience. Inhabitants will no longer be able to acquire the amount of specific news about their community

  • Coca-Cola Marketing

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    Task 1 In this task will describe the promotional mix used by two organisations which are Coca Cola Company (Coca Cola) and Kellogg Company (Corn Flakes) for selected product or services. Coca-Cola is an American company for soft drinks such as coca cola, sprite, Fanta etc. The most famous product is the drink of Coca-Cola, while the company produces more than 3,500 drink .It distributes its products in more than 200 countries around the world, and consumption is about 50 billion of the company's