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In today’s world, advertising is more than just having commercials on television, social media and magazines; it takes more than that to increase the company’s revenue. Companies now use celebrities in order to advertise their products. Research has shown that this is one of the most effective way of increasing product or awareness as well as profit, because the celebrity adds value to the company or product (Amos et al., 2008). This method of advertising increases trust between the company and its consumers, the main reason why consumers pay more attention to this type of advertising is because they can relate with the particular celebrity (depending on the celebrity). Covergirl is an American cosmetic brand, which target audiences, focuses…show more content…
Today, Covergirl has its own magazine and as a huge company they always have a spokesperson. Covergirl like most other companies incorporated the idea of using celebrities as their spokesperson, someone who simply represents them. This person would be involved in advertising and promoting their brand in order to lure more consumers, therefore, companies are always careful of which celebrity they pick, companies carefully chose celebrities that fit the products perfectly; This is also known as celebrity endorsement. Katy Perry is an American musician who is well known for her colorful and unique style (both in her appearance and also music videos). Covergirl is well known for producing colorful cosmetics, and using different colours to emphasize beauty. Amos et al. (2008) argued, “The meaning transfer model posits that celebrities develop a persona through the types of roles they play in society as well as how they are portrayed in the media”. In the media and also the society as a whole, Katy Perry plays the role of a…show more content…
Consumers begin to believe that if this celebrity uses it and it works, therefore they can use it and it would also work. This is also linked to the “para-social” relationship between the celebrity and the consumers. A teenage girl who is obsessed with Katy Perry but has no interest in cosmetics may begin to develop interest for cosmetics (particularly Covergirl) due to Katy’s influence. Katy recently uploaded some Covergirl pictures on social media, showing herself with colorful hair and make up, but still looking beautiful; this would make consumers feel like they can pull off anything, so far they are wearing Covergirl just like Katy. It may also be appropriate for some subcultures in the society. These subcultures may link to want to use the product because she did not only represent colorful self in ads but also represented different groups of people. The product may appeal to subcultures like (gothic, punk etc) due to the fact that she had different looks in the ad and also spoke different accents in the 44 seconds ad (London, 2015). Amos et al. (2008) stated, “He/she purchases the product in the hope of claiming some of these transferred meanings for their own

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