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The God of the sky and the ruler of the Olympian Gods, the lord of the sky.Zeus, Zeus is a Greek God and rules the sky, settling with his folks, he’s also married with his sister and he punishes who lies and break oaths. He remains ruler of the Heaven and Earth, him recieving 4 special abilitity’s from the Greeks. Zeus followed the titans, and took over the world, and along the way he became immortal. Zeus is the all mighty ruler of the sky, and has 4 top abilities and is immortal and protect and watch over all of the world. Zeus went above his father, “Cronus”, and made agreements with his brothers, “Poseidon and Hades”. Zeus had won these agreements and became the supreme ruler of the Gods. Zeus then became and was known as the Lord of the sky and Rain God because drew lines between his brothers. His abilities is his powerful thunderbolt, Zeus uses this when he is displeased or is threatened or anything brought to him in harm. Zeus is married to his sister, “Hera”, he is also known for his affairs. Zeus punishes the ones who lie upon people or him and when they break oaths. Zeus remains the…show more content…
Zeus’s story of where he came from these notices, Zeus was the son of the Titan”s, from Cronus and Rhea. Followed battle with the Titans, captained by his father, Zeus and his brother and sisters, the new gods, took control of the world, and Zeus became the ruler of the sky and King of the Gos. His brothers and sisters are Hera, which is also his wife, Hestia, Demeter and his two brothers Pltuo and Posiedon. Zeus’s Roman name is Jupiter, and he ruled the world from Mount Olympus, and never got involved with Earth and the lives of the humans. Zeus had several relationships with mortal women, goddesses and nymphs. Zeus was extremely powerful and was scary when he was angry and was immortal so he could do whatever he wanted to lives of mortal men and

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