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Prologue North African Island Group, Realm of Hades, 1545 BC In the caves of a North African island far beyond the Greek empire in ancient days, there existed three horrible monsters whose gaze brought a swift and painful death to any who trespassed on their island. These monsters were known in both history and mythology as the Gorgons: three sisters of horrid power that brought hundreds of men to their deaths! However, on this day, death was brought to the one known as Medusa, beheaded by Perseus. As the story and estimates go, this myth has never been fully explained. Throughout history this battle has been nothing more than a few lines in a paragraph depicting Perseus's victory over the Gorgon Medusa. No other recorded accounts have explained…show more content…
If one stared at the face of the first Gorgon Stheno, the serpent, your body, save for your eyes would be reduced to ash. Stheno takes great pleasure in incinerating men and feeding on their eyeballs as if they were boiled eggs. Gazing upon the deformed face of Euryale will cause the internal organs and flesh of the body to burst from within and expose the bones. At times, Euryale will feed on the flesh of the deceased or play with the entrails, watching organs quiver and cease moving. Sometimes, Stheno would join in on the flesh feeding frenzy. Only Medusa had the power to freeze you in your tracks by turning one to stone. She is considered to be the most powerful of the…show more content…
His heart raced faster than when he traveled to the isle of the Gorgons to kill Medusa. He almost looked into the bag to check if the voice came from the purse, but doing so was foolish not to mention deadly. “You defy the gods, you deserve your fate,” Perseus replied harshly. “I was abandoned and cursed by them. I was once a beautiful high priestess, loyal and steadfast in my obedience, and my reward was your blade. What do you think will happen to you if you defy or merely challenge their authority?” Perseus began to think for there was a long silence. He mentally commanded the sandals to fly faster. Over the seas and onto rugged shores of Greece, Perseus would soon be at his destination to present his prize to the King and his court to save his mother. “I don’t have a choice. Your head will save my mother and stop an unholy marriage,” he sorrowfully

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