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Heroes As Hercules stood in the damp dark cave he began to ponder weather or not he would defeat the monstrosity called the Hydra, for every time he would decapitate one of the heads, two more will grow in it’s place. Hercules almost succumbed to defeat the giant, when he called out to his nephew, Iolaus, who came to his aid with the fire of his torch. The two defeated the Hydra that day. A century later Perseus, Athena, and Hermes entered The Island of the Terrible Sisters to slay the gorgon known as Medusa. As they traversed into the aphotic cave, they found the beast in a slumber. Guided by Athena godly powers, Perseus thrusted his sword into her neck, decapitating the beast. “Bravest of the Braves as all heroes are” said Edith Hamilton in Mythology. Hercules and Perseus, although very different, were two of the most astounding heroes in Greek mythology because of their courage, loyalty, and strength. Courage is a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear. This is where Hercules and Perseus shined. For example, when Hercules…show more content…
Again, the defeat of Medusa was not an easy task. The severing of her head required great strength of the hero Perseus. It is written in greek mythology that Medusa head was extremely heavy. Perseus used the sword to kill the great snake that came to devour his lover, Andromeda. As for Hercules, the strongest demi-god that ever walked the earth, this is where he shined. Hercules life mission was revolved around the twelve labors. Each one of the twelve labors required a supernatural strength that only he possessed on the earth. From defeating the Nemea, all the way down to carrying the three-headed dog, Cerebus, from Hades to his cousin, and then all the way back to Hades which required an incredibly amount of strength. To be a great hero one must possess

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