Rome And Greece Similarities

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Greece and Rome have many unique constructions. Most were dedicated to a god in their religion. Greece and Rome had very similar religions. Both had equivalent gods that guided them through their daily lives. The Greeks were deeply religious people. Their religions include rituals such as, animal sacrifices and libations, myths to give the gods a human face, large temples, festivals, and sporting and artistic competition events. In their polytheistic religion, each god represents an abstract idea or a facet of the human condition. The most important and known ones were the Olympian gods. There are 12 main gods; Zeus, Poseidon, hades, Hera, Apollo, Artemis. Demeter, Athena, Ares, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Dionysus. The gods were the main characters in Greek mythology. These myths were first told and pass down orally then later, it was put in writings notably, some written by Homer. Large temples were built for the gods. It was normal that people visit the temple anytime they wanted and it was customary to say a prayer every time they pass by them. People also looked for omens from the gods, signs throughout everyday life to try to predict a future…show more content…
Roman gods are seen as similar nature to the Greek gods. The main roots of roman religion come from the Etruscans religion or Latin tribes so the names from this old religion were salvaged and used for the Roman god’s name. For instance, in Greek myths the god of war is Ares. In Rome, the god of war's name is Mars. In Greece the leader of the gods and god of the sky is, Zeus, in Rome his name is Jupiter. Roman rituals were similar as well. They had festivals for certain gods, they worshipped in their homes, and they also believed in omens. Most activities required some kind of sacrifice, however, roman practices were confusing since most of the gods had multiple names or their sexes were

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